This is the most searched for DIY job – and it’s not what you’d expect

DIY is keeping the nation busy during lockdown
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  • More than ever we’re looking for DIY jobs to help improve our homes and pass the time during lockdown. A new study, revealed this week, shows the most popular DIY jobs – and they’re more advanced than you might think.

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    We would have guessed hanging a curtain pole or fixing a kitchen cupboard would be most commonly searched. But it turns out DIY tables are the nation’s favourite task – with a whopping 62,310 searches a month.

    Reupholstery is the second most popular DIY task, with over 49,000 searches. Again not an easy task to tackle, but it just goes to show we’re prepared to put in the hard work. Now, more than ever.

    most popular DIY jobs

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    With the UK in lockdown, My Job Quote were eager to discover the DIY tasks that millions of us will be tackling over the coming weeks.

    After surveying 2,000 Brits*, the online tradesman platform found that 71 per cent are aiming to complete DIY projects throughout lockdown. With 32 per cent admitting they’ve already stared!

    After looking into the most popular DIY trends, the team analysed search volumes to see which DIY projects we’re most likely to undertake. Hopefully these will provide some inspiration for your. own home…

    15 most popular DIY jobs

    1. DIY table (62,310)

    2. Reupholster (49,330)

    3. DIY Painting (31,430)

    4. DIY doors (27,660)

    5. DIY cabinets (18,860)

    6. DIY desk (16,330)

    7. DIY flooring (15,130)

    8. DIY bench (14,700)

    9. DIY lamp (13,900)

    10. DIY ornaments (13,570)

    11. DIY chairs (13,206)

    12. DIY mirror (12,260)

    13. DIY shelves (11,870)

    14. DIY curtains (10,600)

    15. DIY headboard (10,070)

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    *My Job Quote used SEMrush to discover the average number of monthly searches

    DIY headboard

    Image credit: Colin Poole

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    After breaking it down, MyJobQuote found that ‘DIY coffee tables’ was the most popular table search, with 5,480 searches. And 62 per cent of those surveyed said they would be interested in creating their own DIY table.

    Following reupholstery, in second place, was ‘DIY painting’ with 31,430 searches. 37 per cent claim this is on their to-do list while in lockdown.

    Monthly, there are 920 searches for ‘DIY furniture painting’, showing it is the most popular paint job. Followed by ‘DIY kitchen painting’ (620 searches).

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    What jobs are you planning to take on? We’d love to see what you’re making and updating – share them us in the Ideal Home Room Clinic.

    Happy home improvements all.

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