These are predicted to be the next big trends for paint and wallpaper

How many of these 'trends' are already decorating your home?
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  • Will we be painting our living rooms grey or green in the near future? Should we still be hanging in there with wallpaper over paint? Design experts are on hand to make predictions on the future of decorating trends, to stop us from choosing a scheme for our homes that’ll date too quickly.

    The team at MyJobQuote have shared their insider knowledge on the matter of decorating trends, to help homes stay ahead of the curve. Here are those predictions for the 5 next big trends for paint and wallpaper when decorating homes over into 2021.

    5 next big trends for paint and wallpaper

    1. Wallpaper is bigger, bolder & brighter

    bold and bright wallpaper

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Wallpaper is set to be bolder and more on show than ever before, according to insiders. ‘Wallpaper has gone through varying periods of popularity, but the latest trends are focusing on using wallpaper more liberally, choosing more daring and bold prints too! From reprints of classic architectural designs to shockingly vibrant floral fiestas, wallpaper’s recent resurgence is not stopping anytime soon.’

    2. Embracing texture

    textured home interior samples

    Image credit: Kristin Perers

    Making an impression, quite literally, is texture. It doesn’t have to be loud with colour to be heard. ‘The natural look will always be full of imperfections, and that can be embraced with texture. The industrial aesthetic such as a concrete-like paint adds definition which can be interacted with through touch, offering a truly unique pattern in each application.’

    3. Warm neutrals

    neutral living room

    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    Has grey had its day? For quite some time now grey has dominated pretty much every rooms, thanks to the various tones and versatility. However, is beige about to become the new favourite once again? ‘We could see a return of warmer neutrals such as oatmeal and beige coming back, offering a warmer, more homely ambience then grey currently provides.’

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    4. Darker, bolder shades

    dark painted wall and green velvet sofas hot Trends for paint and wallpaper

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    This is not so much a new trend, but a continuing one that is growing momentum as it rolls into next year. ‘Dark colours used to be avoided, as often this would be misinterpreted as making a room seem dark and dingy. However, with an eclectic use of space, well-placed lighting and shapes, deeper royal blues and luxurious emerald greens are making a comeback.’

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    5. Statement murals

    wall mural Trends for paint and wallpaper

    Image credit: Katya De Grunwald

    Murals are set to make more of a statement as we go into 2021. Simple murals, often in vinyl format, were once the way to do it. ‘Now, designs have advanced to include full-scale works of art that can be the highlight of a room, with the remaining walls complementing it with subtle, natural colours.’ Whether painting a mural or wallpapering the key to nailing this trend is to make it bold.

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    Are you already ‘on-trend’ with any of these decorating features?

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