#CabinPorn! Inside the most beautiful cabins around the world

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  • The new alternative to swanky hotels and everyone's latest guilty pleasure

    Whilst swanky hotel rooms and luxury spa breaks will always be lust-worthy, there’s a new kid in town: the cabin.

    Think rural, hunter-gatherer style living and you just about have it. Saturated in untouched and rustic charms, these habitable pods are diamonds across cone covered, forest floors.

    After creating an online site where cabin connoisseurs and builders began posting their favourite and most obscure pics by the hundreds, Zach Klein has published Cabin Porn – a book celebrating the most beautiful cabins around the world.

    This coffee-table classic will leave you daydreaming about leaving the daily grind behind – and here are a few of our favourites…

    Terrific treehouse

    Re-live your childhood in this nostalgic, but slightly more sophisticated, tree house. Accessed through a labyrinth of hanging wooden canopies and departed via a bicycle elevator or swinging ladder – we aren’t sure which is more awesome – this tree house has us fondly remembering our most cherished hideout. Escape with a pile of books and sit amongst the western larch treetops.

    Mountain hut

    Adrenaline hunting groups will crave this cabin. A refined shack on the peak of a mountain in Washington’s National Park, this cabin has one of the best views Earth can offer. Hundreds of lower mountain crests peak through the morning haze across the horizon and resemble rubble across a daredevil’s playground.

    Underground pad

    This burrowed den looks like an overgrown pixie pad whose rubble and antlers guard the boundaries against the forest elves. We can imagine many campfire stories being shared around the glow of the fire in this concealed cabin, but unless you are the height of a hobbit, you may have to crawl the underground tunnels.

    Steel shack

    Perched on the western edge of Greenland, this steel cabin has to be strong to beat the elements thrown its way, courtesy of Canada. Chunks of ice deposited by the neighbouring glacier swirl across the otherwise untouched lake and provide cabin colonists with an organic view of the water and craggy peaks beyond with just the mustard shelter for company.

    Wooden lodge

    Tucked away in a forest’s alcove, the only neighbours this wooden chalet has for miles are wolves and bears. This timber-treasure, propped up by chunky logs and slabs of slate, is a primitive prize set amongst a backdrop of calypso orchids and conifers and can be cherished by hunter and gatherers across the world.

    Beautifully boxy

    Clean lines and imposing blocks of chunky concrete make this boxy cabin a stylish and modern retreat. Tucked away from humanity, settlers sleep behind a glass wall and are woken only by the sun. After sunset, the blaze from the inferno and the display of distant city lights can be enjoyed alone on the small, paved area.

    The book is published by Penguin and is available to buy now.

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