The Very buys we want right now

Digital editor and Mid-century fan Amy reveals the Very pieces she'd love in her own home

One – in fact, the only – downside of working here at Ideal Home, is that we're constantly tempted by gorgeous new things. A stylish armchair here, a bold paint colour there, a gorgeous vase somewhere in the middle. So far from being dressed immaculately in one coherent style, my own home is a work in progress.

But in 2018, I'm hoping to change all that, and make every last corner an Instagram-friendly descorating triumph. With that in mind, I have my eye on a few pieces from our Ideal Home collection at Very...

Anyone that knows me well will tell you that I'm a TEENSY bit obsessed with my desk. It's the first part of my new home that I styled, because it's where I spend a huge chunk of my time, tap, tap, tapping away.

As you can see, I need to take better care of my plants. Also, my desk is lacking a lamp, which brings me on to my first pick

The table lamp

room with geometric carpet table with lampshade

(Image credit: Very)

In the words of Brick Tamland, 'I love lamp!'. This handsome devil would be the perfect task light for my desk. Its copper stand would match the frames hanging above, and its retro flex matches the Mid-Century mood I've tried to create here.

Buy now: Ideal Home Mason Marble & Copper Task Lamp, £33.99, Very

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The TV unit

room with tv unit white wall and wooden flooring

(Image credit: TBC)

I've got a thing about TVs mounted on walls – it really grinds my gears! Especially when they are mounted that bit too high, so you can't watch for any more than half an hour without getting neckache.

That's why my set will always sit proudly on a TV bench. And because mine is looking a tad tatty, this could be a fine replacement. It's large enough to take a 50-inch screen, yet small enough to tuck into a corner. And it's got built-in storage for my Sky and Amazon Fire boxes. My living room is already painted grey, so those door panels will coordinate nicely.

Buy now: Orla Retro TV unit, £175, Very

My bathroom is a real sore point at the mo. It's downstairs, at the back of the house, and we're planning to move it to make way for an extension. But until that happens, I'm having to live with it. Painting the walls in Burlington Arcade by Mylands has helped, as has a macrame plant holder. But I'm still not happy!

That's why the next thing I'm investing in is...

The towels

room with towels on wooden table

(Image credit: Very)

I'm planning to hang these thick and fluffy ombre-effect grey towels on an old decorator's ladder that I picked up at the weekend. The husband remains unconvinced, but I'm 95 per cent sure it will work – he's been wrong before! Hopefully it will distract from the dated bathroom suite and tiling on the other side of the room.

Buy now: Silver Ombre 550Gsm 4 Piece Towel Bale, £35, Very

I'm trying not to get too carried away with my list, as I know we've got some exciting new pieces in the pipeline. You can follow me on Instagram @amylouisecutmore and see how I get on.

Amy Cutmore

Amy Cutmore is an experienced interiors editor and writer, who has worked on titles including Ideal Home, Homes & Gardens, LivingEtc, Real Homes, GardeningEtc, Top Ten Reviews and Country Life. And she's a winner of the PPA's Digital Content Leader of the Year. A homes journalist for two decades, she has a strong background in technology and appliances, and has a small portfolio of rental properties, so can offer advice to renters and rentees, alike.