Angel Strawbridge of Escape to the Chateau launches chic debut collection

Treat your home to a fairytale fix with Angel's capsule collection of cushions, bedding, furniture and wallpaper.

Designer and best-selling author, Angel Strawbridge, quirky heroine of Channel 4’s hit prime-time TV series Escape to the Chateau, is launching her first collection of Gallic-inspired soft furnishings and wallpapers.

So if you are the queen (or king) of your castle and are looking to inject some chateau chic, this range could be your happy ever after...

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The Deco Heron collection

deco heron teal wallpaper

(Image credit: Design Studio)

Seek out Angel’s distinctive style and flair through a delectable capsule collection of curtains – both made-to-measure and ready mades –  cushions, bedding, furniture and wallpaper. Produced with the Design Studio, Angel's ideas have been lovingly translated through five collections: Wallpaper Museum; Potagerie; Heron; Oriental Garden and Deco. Each design tells an enchanting story of hidden treasures and a love of old things  – before you ask, no, Dick isn’t included!

Is your living room or boudoir in need of some Japanese inspired serenity and calm – oui? Then say bonjour to the calming heron pattern repeat on this art deco style wallcovering. Re-imagined through print from the chateau’s very own resident moat visitor, in a soothing mineral hue, it will let your walls tight flight with ease and grace.

Buy now:  Deco Heron Teal wallpaper, £30 per roll, Design Studio

The Potagerie collection

potagerie cushion in cream

(Image credit: Design Studio)

Green fingers or not, you can bring the joie de vivre of nature inside without getting your hands dirty! Celebrating Angel’s love for art deco design with her husband’s adoration for gardening, this charming softie surely counts towards our five-a-day quota?! Carrots, courgettes, artichokes all present!

Buy now: Potagerie cushion in Cream, £29.99, Design Studio

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The Wallpaper Museum collection

wallpaper museum collection bedding

(Image credit: Design Studio)

Buy now: Wallpaper Museum collection bedding, from £41.99, Design Studio.

This design will get you biting at the bit to do some attic treasure delving of your own…

After discovering an archive of beautiful wallpaper off-cuts from historic designs that had adorned the walls of the chateau from lost, bygone years, Angel felt compelled to honour, share and continue their history. So it’s out with the old and in with the new, heritage-inspired bed linen to layer-up on a loving sense of heirloom pride…

women cup and saucer

(Image credit: TBC)

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Now that the soleil is shining, it’s parfait timing for that new season spruce and update! The Chateau collection by Angel is available from April in Argos, Next and selected retailers.