We want everything from Angel Strawbridge's new collection at La Redoute

Gorgeous prints with a touch of French chateau glamour? Yes, please

Calling all Escape to the Chateau fans! Angel Strawbridge's The Chateau collection at La Redoute is now available to shop – and, boy, it does not disappoint.

The designer has built a career around her signature vintage style that has helped her shoot to fame on Channel 4's Escape to the Chateau. The Chateau collection features many of the prints Angel has designed and used to update her french home.

Angel Strawbridge The Chateau collection at La Redoute

We'll be sure to spruce up our bedroom ideas with the gorgeous prints and sumptuous fabrics from the collection, which offers the perfect variety of soft furnishings, bedding, and even wallpaper.

Golden couch with cushions next to round glass coffee table with an arrangement of flowers and greenery next to a cup and saucer

(Image credit: The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge at La Redoute)

Avid viewers will recognise the Potagerie print, one of the first designs Angel turned her hand to on the show. It was designed for the Potagerie suite that overlooks the walled kitchen garden – Dick's passion.

Angel wanted to represent the garden in a beautiful print that marries botanical motifs and Art Deco geometry. We'll leave you to spot the elegant carrot motif.

Bed with water lily print bedding and matching pillows in front of blue wall with a flower decoration on the wall

(Image credit: The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge at La Redoute)

The Lily Garden Reversible Bedding set, on the other hand, is a subtle reference to the couple's special affection for Monet's gardens at Giverny. The gardens inspired the couple to plant their own water lilies at the chateau moat.

Lily Garden Reversible Bedding set | Was £35 Now £31.50, La Redoute

Lily Garden Reversible Bedding set | Was £35 Now £31.50, La Redoute
The Lily Garden print is available in this stunning bedding made from 100 per cent cotton. However, it can also be purchased in wallpaper and soft furnishings.

According to Angel, 'Our whole family loved the water lily pond and it seemed only right to take this inspiration straight to our own moat! That year, we planted 30 lilies rhizomes and could not believe it when, a couple of months later, they gave us week upon week of flowers.'

We really like the timeless combination of light green and pink in this print – there's hardly a bedroom this will not suit.

emerald green couch with pillow underneath white window and next to wall with white and brown floral wallpaper and pink cup and saucer

(Image credit: Future PLC/The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge at La Redoute)

If we had to pick just one cushion from the collection, it would have to be the Nouveau Wallpaper Museum Print Cushion. Fans of the show will be very familiar with the wallpaper museum at the Chateau, located in the honeymoon suite.

The print started out life as a variety of vintage wallpaper off-cuts that she discovered in the Chateau. Angel painstakingly fitted the snippets together to create a show-stopping wallpaper design, which she turned into a fabric.

Nouveau Wallpaper Museum Print Cushion| Was £30 Now £27, La Redoute

Nouveau Wallpaper Museum Print Cushion| Was £30 Now £27, La Redoute
The Nouveau Wallpaper Museum print cushion is the latest iteration of the wallpaper museum print, featuring the wallpaper designs that Angel has designed for the Chateau herself.

The whole collection is currently available at La Redoute.

Anna Cottrell is Consumer Editor across Future's home brands. She moved to the world of interiors from academic research in the field of English Literature and photography. She is the author of London Writing of the 1930s and has a passion for contemporary home decor and gardening.