Angela Scanlon shares simple interior design tip to refresh your space for free

We're feeling inspired to give our homes a rejig after this

Angela Scanlon has shared an interior design tip for giving our living spaces an instant refresh. Speaking to Ideal Home, the Your Home Made Perfect host reminded us of the power of moving furniture around.

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Rooms we spend a lot of time in can easily end up feeling tired and uninspiring. But, if we think imaginatively and move items between rooms, we can make it feel brand new.

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 When we asked Angela if she'd done any lockdown DIY, she admitted she'd kept it low-key. The biggest project she took on was painting the back of the front door - another joyful, cost-effective idea we love. Take a look at our guide on how to paint a front door if you've been thinking of doing the same.

Angela Scanlon's furniture-moving tip

'No, the most I've done is moving furniture, which, by the way, I think has a massive effect on how you feel in a room. It can make you feel like you've done something quite radical,' Angela says.

Angela explains how she sometimes breaks up her living room by moving the sofa, going against common design 'rules' and just doing what works for her. 'I often will move the couch near the fireplace when it's cold and damp,' she says.

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'Technically, it should be facing the garden. I'm tempted to turn it back, but it does feel like a different room,' she says.

If you can change the view you most often have in a room, and perhaps make a new focal point, this will give it a different feel. Aside from moving furniture, Angela suggests changing pictures on the walls or moving prints to a different spot in your home.

These little tweaks stop our homes feeling same-old. 'You're presented with something different when you walk down the stairs, which is quite refreshing,' she says.

living room with with blue wall blue sofa with designed cushion and white windows

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You can take a peek inside Angela Scanlon's house with our story - we're obsessed with her low, pale blue chair from Loaf.

We also previously shared Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's furniture therapy tip for reworking our homes without spending any money. If you feel like the current layout you have is the only possible configuration that works, LLB's tip might just prove you wrong.

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Don't be put off by the heavy lifting, and forget the rules. As you just might find you can make much better use of your space.

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