What mod cons are you planning to add to your home in the New Year?

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  • Here are the top 10 most desirable home mod cons in 2018

    In the New Year, new research from home insurance provider Neos reveal that 6.2million Brits are planning to install a new mod con in their home (wood burning stoves, boiling water taps etc) – we’ve got the top 10 most desirable home mod cons in 2018.

    It is estimated that 19 million already have one installed – they are most popular in London (69%), followed by the North East (67%), Northern Ireland (61%), West Midlands (61%) and Scotland (60%).


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    The most popular are connected thermostats (26%), washer/dryer combos (13%) and boiling water taps (10%), and 6.2 million plan to install one of the top ten most popular appliances in the New Year. Almost half (45%) say they installed one to make their life easier, whilst 17% like the way they look.


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    Top 10 mod cons for 2018

    1. Connected heating/thermostat
    2. Washer/dryer combo
    3. Boiling water tap
    4. Fridge with water and ice dispenser plumbed in
    5. Voice controlled speaker e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home
    6. Connected security camera
    7. Wet room
    8. Wood burning stove
    9. Under floor heating
    10. Connected home sound system (in multiple rooms)

    Compact wet room with built-in tiled shelves

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    Yet mod cons such as wood burning stoves, wet rooms and boiling water taps put homes at risk – 28% of homeowners say they have, or know someone who has, experienced an accident in their home caused by these mod cons. In fact, the trend for wet rooms have driven up water-related insurance claims by £2,500.

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    “Millions of people are installing mod cons to make like easier and add a touch of style, but, in doing so, could be unwittingly adding new risks to their homes. We wanted to understand the steps people are taking to prevent problems happening. It’s clear more can be done at the point of installation and post-sale to make sure they have the right advice to use these appliances safely,” says Matt Poll, co-founder of Neos.

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    What are you planning to install in your home in 2018?

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