This garden has been given a boho-style revamp complete with a mantel-piece

The outdoor space is a true extension of the home's interior

Boho-style garden makeovers have been popular this year, but this one has given us some great outdoor living room ideas.

When homeowner Laurie Davidson teamed up with Wayfair to create a transitional space that she could enjoy all year round, she knew she wanted to continue her relaxed interior style outside. Dried flowers, wood furniture and plenty of tactile textures were key, as was a garden bar that she could enjoy with boyfriend Wayne.

'I wanted it to be a cosy spot where we could sit and have drinks, whether during the day or in the evening,' she says. 'We'd built the tiki bar a few years ago, but it desperately needed revamping.'

Outdoor living room makeover


garden area with wooden fence and trees

(Image credit: Laurie Davidson)

The decked area at the back of the garden was the perfect spot for some garden bar ideas. The couple had built the bar themselves using 18ml marine plywood and 100mm x 10omm fence posts. A fence was put up to create a border at the back of the garden, but the area still needed a lot of work.

'Wayne did all of our garden himself,' says Laurie. 'From digging out all the earth and landscaping it, to laying the decking and faux lawn, building the bar and a cabin. We're lucky he's so good at DIY as it would have cost us a fortune!'


garden area makeover with faux leaves and bar trolley

(Image credit: Wayfair)

The finished look is a complete transformation, with wooden furniture, snuggly sheepskins, a cowhide rug and a wall of faux foliage at the back to hide the fence panels.

'The faux foliage came in square panels that hook together and after attaching them to the fence I added some extra foliage sprigs in to make it really textured,' Laurie says. 'It's made a huge difference and because we hung a fairy light net behind it, it sparkles at night – it's really pretty.'

grass wreath with faux leaves and candle stands

(Image credit: Wayfair)

The foliage is complemented with lots of hanging plants in rattan baskets, for a lush effect that's easy maintenance, while a huge wreath was made using a hula hoop and dried grasses.

The pair used a vintage fireplace a neighbour had left out for removal as a focal point for the garden.

'We collected it, but it was huge,' she says, 'even taller than the fence, in fact. We cut it down and repainted it, then attached it to the foliage wall. Aside from the fact that I love how it looks, it's actually really useful as guests can put their drinks on it!'

The mantel has been styled up with candlesticks and tapered candles, ornaments and vases from Wayfair to create a 'living room' feel, while the raffia mirror above is a real statement piece.

Bar area

bamboo bar hut with table vase and chairs

(Image credit: Wayfair)

The couple covered the base of the bar in  bamboo fencing  to get the look of a rustic beach bar and it fits the look perfectly. You can pick up the same bamboo facing at Wayfair.

It was really easy to do and took no time at all,' says Laurie. 'Wayne used a staple gun to attach it and then just trimmed the top of it to make it the right fit. I love how it looks and it's an easy solution if you're looking for a weatherproof covering for a bar.'

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bar area with bottles and display tray

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Inside the bar, a narrow shelf was hung to hold bottles and display trays, while the walls are decorated with woven baskets and a large feather decoration from Wayfair too.

Laurie also transformed some terracotta plant pots by whitewashing them and then adding some gold leaf. 'It's a really inexpensive upcycle idea,' she says.

terracotta plant pots

(Image credit: Wayfair)

At night, when there's a chill in the air, the firepit is turned on for some extra warmth, the lanterns and candles lit, while the fairy lights sparkle at the back and overhead. 'I love theming our drinks to the weather,' says Laurie.

bar area with bar trolley and fire pit

(Image credit: Wayfair)

'In summer it's piña coladas and fruity gin cocktails, while in the colder months we have Bailey's hot chocolate and warm hot toddies. We couldn't be happier with this space and it shows that gardens really aren't just for the summer months.'

Have you been inspired to turn your garden into an outdoor living room?

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