DIY lovers give retro bathroom a Scandi houseplant-filled makeover on a budget

What a transformation!

A young couple from Essex has given their outdated bathroom a Scandinavian/Boho makeover - all for just £1,200. When Charlotte and Mitchell moved into their new home in March 2020, the bathroom had some seriously retro features, with avocado green tiles, Polystyrene ceiling tiles and a scalloped suite to boot.

But it had great potential - it was a decent size, the layout worked and it had plenty of natural light. Charlotte spent some time looking on Instagram and Pinterest for bathroom ideas and decided to make it 'bright and airy yet relaxing' for their growing family.


bathroom with green tiles

(Image credit: @richmond.renovation)

Mitchell did all of the work himself whenever he had time, which helped to keep their overall spend low. It did mean that the white bathroom transformation took around three to four weeks - a little longer than it would have with professionals, but it was worth the wait.

When asked what she would say to others considering their own DIY bathroom makeover, Charlotte says you should go for it. 'There are plenty of YouTube videos and Instagram posts showing you how it’s done,' Charlotte tells Tap Warehouse.

'As long as you are able to take your time and pay attention to detail, you’ll save yourself a tonne of money and have the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself.'


bathroom with white wall and black tap

(Image credit: @richmond.renovation)

The fresh new tiles and white paint have really brightened things up, and the pair has hung an on-trend circular mirror to refract light around the room – learning how to grout tiles yourself is a great way to save on costs. When it comes to small bathroom ideas, keeping things sleek and pared-back really can make the most of the space.

We think Charlotte and Mitchell have definitely achieved the relaxing but bright feel they were hoping for. The black fixtures and fittings help to create a contemporary vibe, balanced out by a range of textures introduced through the wicker basket, plant pots and striped hand towels.

room with cloth stand and jute plant pot

(Image credit: @richmond.renovation)

Positioning the houseplant (pictured above) on a little wooden stool has given the illusion of more space, as the more floor you can see, the larger a room will feel. Functional bathroom lighting ideas also go a long way in making a bathroom feel bright and airy - a dimmer is key for a relaxing soak in the bath.

The under sink storage is another element the pair has incorporated to keep things calm and clutter-free.

bathroom with washbasin with storage

(Image credit: @richmond.renovation)

You really would never know the bathroom's avocado, scalloped past...

Millie Hurst
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