Bending light has never been easier as Philips shoots beyond what an everyday lamp has ever been

The Philips Hue lighting system - with its complete app-controlled colour tunability - introduces a new set of lamps that provide two sources of light to combine mood and task in one easy 'click' of the switch…

When you think Philips, you are forgiven for automatically thinking of bulbs, beards and toothbrushes.
The market giant in lighting and homecare also has a rich history of technological innovation that comes through in its everyday products often without the consumer ever noticing.

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Through Hue, the company's app-controlled colour change lighting system, it has brought its tech credentials to the forefront, and now, the range has an adaptable new everyday addition that is a spot-on marriage of form and function.

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Through Hue Beyond lighting, two separate light sources - an upper and a lower - work together from the same table, ceiling or pendant lamp to create a whole new way to light up your space.

High quality, tunable white task light - for reading or homework - can come out of one part, while colorful mood-enhancing light comes out of the other.


Both light elements are controllable separately via the Hue app where 'light recipes' and bespoke tuning can also be customised.

And with the connectivity feature of the Hue system comes the ability to create your own 'light notifications' - set your lighting system to gently dim or flash if you have received an email or other similar alert.

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Leonardo Avezzano, Consumer Marketing Director for Hue Luminaires, sheds light on the pure practicality.

'With Hue Beyond, a kitchen table can go from a place to enjoy dinner with the family to a place children can do their homework without affecting the ambience of the room, but with the added benefit of keeping you connected to the world around you.'

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