Best Christmas tree hacks – from wrapping in cling film to hairspray on the needles

Top tips to up your Christmas tree game this year

These Christmas tree hacks are a game changer! We've been on the look out for helpful tips and tricks to make the most of our festive trees. Whether artificial or real, there's a tree-mendous hack to help.

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Where better to pick up the top tips of the moment than This Morning where the experts and viewers alike share their favoured tricks.

Best Christmas tree tips

1. Feed real Christmas trees Lemonade

room with blue wall christmas tree and flowers in white vase

(Image credit: Joanna Henderson)

We learnt this earlier this month from gardening guru and this morning presenter David Domoney. Who knew Christmas trees were the real secret lemonade drinkers?!

While explaining what you can feed your tree, David reveals how lemonade is the secret drink for the job. 'You can use florist's cut flower food, or you can just mix up some sugar water or full-fat lemonade'. Explaining 'Because that will help keep the tree going.'

David it explains 'It's the sugar really. It's an element of food within. you'd be surprised just how much water the tree takes up' he goes on to explain. 'So adding a little bit of food keeps them looking fresher.'

2. Hairspray the needles

christmas tree with purple baubles and twinkly lights

(Image credit: Lizzie Orme)

Apparently this is a much-loved hack among those in the know. This Morning viewer Melissa revealed how she keeps her real tree fresh with hairspray. Explaining how the hairspray preserves the needles and prevents them from falling off. 'I spray the whole tree. It works really well' she adds, saying that all her friends do the same. Best add that to this week's shopping list.

3. Preserving in cling film

What?! Yes, we thought exactly that. Until we heard how one This Morning viewer wraps her artificial tree, fully decorated, each year in cling film. Why? So that it can be stored preserved as it is, ready to unwrap next year.

'You gently fold it from the bottom up. And as you hold it steady and move the  branches up the other (meaning a helper) follows you with the cling film'. Shrink wrapping the tree if you will. Genius. If there's a way of reusing the same film every year, to avoid waste – even better we say.

A tip for when it's come to pack away – not everyone's favourite task.

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Send any further savvy tips with us, we'll gladly share.


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