6 house plants with mood-boosting superpowers to help you beat the winter blues

House plants aren't just pretty to look at...
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  • Adding greenery to your home is a great way to boost your mood during the dark winter months. The best house plants to buy in winter are ones that will help you feel calmer and happier through a combination of looks, scent and their toxin busting abilities.

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    Research by Wren Kitchens found that since lockdown searches for ‘house plants delivered’ has increased by an incredible 400 per cent. While ‘buy houseplants online‘ search has grown by 200 per cent. It’s safe to say we’re all craving a bit of nature in our homes.

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    Aside from just looking pretty, houseplants can also reduce 87 per cent of toxins in the air. This purifying quality is essential for creating a peaceful environment at home this winter.

    However, some houseplants have extra special mood-boosting superpowers.

    Best house plants to buy in winter for a happy home

    1. Aloe Vera

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    The Aloe Vera plant is one of the most popular houseplants in the UK. This clever plant is worth having around the home as the gel from the plant can help soothe acne, burns and dry skin.

    2. Lavender

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    Lavender has been clinically proven to reduce depression and improve quality of sleep. Dotting a few pots of scented lavender around your bedroom or living room will hopefully help reduce stress levels.

    3. Snake Plant

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    This was one of the most googled plants in lockdown, likely becuase t is almost impossible to kill. However, it has the added bonus of releasing moisture into the air along with oxygen. Ideal for improving wellbeing at home.

    4. Peace Lily

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    We would argue that this plant will help boost your mood purely by it’s looks alone, however, it has another superpower. Peace lilies soak up mould spores in the air and also release moisture back into their environment. You can breathe easy with one of these plants around.

    5. Monstera plant

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    Also known as a Swiss cheese plant, this plant has become an Instagram favourite. However, it is another superstar for purifying the air and boosting air quality in your home.

    6. English ivy

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    A lot like peace lilies, English ivy absorbs mould in the air, helps purify your home and looks really pretty hanging over a shelf.

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    Will you be adding of these mood-boosting plants to your house plant collection?

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