The world's best-dressed restaurants

A selection of the world's most beautiful restaurants as judged by the SBID International Design Awards' judges

The world's best dressed restaurants have been revealed!

The SBID International Design Awards have announced this year's nominations for the most sartorial spots to enjoy supper in.

From London to Singapore, Cornwall to Chicago, this year's judges have scoured the globe for the hottest restaurants and bars. Designs include botanical waterfalls in Saudi Arabia and bronzed wave walls in Guangzhou - all designed and executed by some of the world's leading interior designers and architects.

Memorable dining experiences must now excite more than just the palette - they must be an electrifying experience for all the senses. With the help of outstanding service, great views and yummy grub, here are the best restaurant interiors around the globe...

The Mayfair Chippy

restaurants with table and metro tiles

(Image credit: TBC)

Can you imagine your local fish place under designer lights, pearl tiles and copper furnishings? Neither could we until we stumbled upon Mayfair's latest quintessentially British restaurant. A mix of fashionable marble, mosaic and metro tiles transform this traditional eatery into a charming chippy.

OPS Passage

restaurants with sculpted oak ceiling and marbled grey bar

(Image credit: TBC)

Designed by the mastermind behind one of Dubai's most extravagantly decorated hotels, this café is famed for a more relaxed interior.
Simple Scandinavian furniture in soft greys and lime greens rest beside a marbled grey bar under a sculpted oak ceiling designed to keep exterior noise out.

Times Melt Away

restaurants with mismatched wooden door and hanging light

(Image credit: TBC)

When fitting this Asian restaurant, designers took on a sophisticated upcycling project. By recycling castoffs the restaurant links new and old with emotions and memories to create an unforgettable dining experience. Heavy mismatched wooden doors welcome you into an organic den and let time simply melt away.

Little Saigon

restaurant with colourful tub chairs and little rickshaw

(Image credit: TBC)

Design firm Avocado Sweets are responsible for this Vietnamese street food joint's zesty essence. A raw, industrial ceiling hangs above colourful tub chairs, wall art depicting Vietnamese life and an original, little rickshaw.


staircase with table and chair

(Image credit: TBC)

This airy, light space is a far cry from Saudi Arabia's traditional, ornate designs. Built over a lofty two floors, the restaurant features simple interiors and a botanical wall that cascades behind the staircase, which has its own irrigation system to ensure air quality is kept at an optimum level.

R&D Cocktail Lab

restaurant with cocktail lab and light

(Image credit: TBC)

Super cool, chic and sexy - this bar has all the ingredients for a perfect cocktail, let alone interior. The design practice responsible wanted to merge the cultures of East and West - the result is a smart English Gentleman's club, finished with tarnished stud sofas and dark woods, punctuated with Asian signage and oriental latticing.


restaurant with mustard tiles and men

(Image credit: TBC)

Goals were simple for this Middle Eastern fast food pad - fun and unpretentious, please. This new restaurant on London's Covent Garden scene is finished in mustard tiles with turquoise patterns, simple menus that swing above your head like tempting apples and communal seating.

Pintura Basque Kitchen and Bar

basque kitchen with bar and sofa

(Image credit: TBC)

When your restaurant title means ‘work of art' in Spanish, you can expect a good interior. This space was an old fire escape so is set over four small floors and still keeps its industrial feel. The honeycomb design at the bar, high backed sofas and furry plants that hang from the chandeliers, all create a work of art.

Zacry's at Watergate Bay Hotel

restaurant with chevron floor and wooden chairs

(Image credit: TBC)

Cornwall's finest mixes the view of rugged, sea eroded cliffs with a sharp, elegant restaurant interior. Taking on an iconic chevron floor, the rest of the monochrome interior is built around its grounding.
Simple wooden chairs sit beneath non-fuss table displays and large, intimate booths are great for parties.

La Reunion

restaurant with yellow sofa and window

(Image credit: TBC)

Michele Hilton Designs know what's hot - yellow, grey, brass and chevron. Unable to choose just one from 2015's most fashionable colours and patterns, they used them all. We love the high, marble topped bar too and could just imagine sipping on a martini or two here all afternoon.

Bread Street Kitchen

restaurant with smothered ceilings and metallic tiles

(Image credit: TBC)

Honouring its London heritage, Gordon Ramsey's latest notch on his belt is designed in the same fashionable mindset. To achieve the eclectic vibe, designers have smothered ceilings in bright orange Jenga patterns and strung lights that look like beehives. Walls are covered in metallic tiles and black and white images of London hang proudly.

Hollywood Bowl

restaurant with bar and bowling pin chandeliers

(Image credit: TBC)

Not your regular bowling alley with cheap chips and smelly shoes, this venue has a polished diner feel with innovative interiors that incorporate the bowling theme. Mix one converted Cadillac with a few bowling pin chandeliers and finish with an escalator adorned with American signs and you have a winning interior.

Dream Dairy Farm Restaurant

restaurant with white latticework houses and frosted glass

(Image credit: TBC)

Designing a high-end restaurant housed in a converted barn house wasn't an easy feat, however they managed it. Keeping the interior basic, the drama lies strictly in the rafters as three-dimensional, white latticework houses spotlights that illuminate through pieces of frosted glass.


restaurant with table and chair

(Image credit: TBC)

Mumbai is certainly earning its culinary legs and this restaurant come nightclub is no exception. The exterior looks like mountain peaks formed out of manipulated aluminium whilst the interior is a cave of wooden strips forming stalagmites and stalactites.

Songs Club

restaurant with club and black wall

(Image credit: TBC)

Taking inspiration from traditional Chinese landscape paintings, poetry and language, this Guangzhou hotspot blends old and new China. Chrome, wavey walls encompass multiple passages and intimate rooms adorned with red carpets and red lighting.

Bosscat Kitchen &

restaurant with kitchen and sofa

(Image credit: TBC)

Set on a sparkly street in Newport Beach nestles this unique rustic farmhouse restaurant. Proud of their Green acclamations, the building was fitted using recycled materials and unfussy fittings so guests can graze amongst the relaxed charm of this ‘grain farm' in the middle of a bustling city.

RAW Restaurant

restaurant with table and chair

(Image credit: TBC)

Celebrating stripped back interiors and natural materials, the interior of this Taipei restaurant is, well, RAW. Chunky wooden streams circle chef and bar stations, copper pillars look like extras from Titanic and each table is highlighted with its own spotlight to create a stage for food to dance on.

Miss Ricky's

restaurant with retro white gloss tiles and table

(Image credit: TBC)

Think traditional American Diner with a sophisticated English twist. Boasting both industrial and classy interiors, guests are welcomed via a red telephone box, a nod to the brand's English heritage, and a wall lit in neon signage. Beyond, traditional leather booths sit under chrome headlights and retro white gloss tiles.


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