Inside Billie Faiers' pink kitchen - do you love it or hate it?

Billie Faiers' kitchen in her Essex home was given a bright pink makeover thanks to Kellogg's - but do you love or loathe it?

Reality TV star Billie Faiers' kitchen was recently given a bold pink makeover. Everything, from the walls and cabinets to the kitchen utensils, has taken on a bright pink shade. The traditionally 'girly' hue had a moment in 2017 when millennial pink took over the world of fashion. It can be calming as part of a colour scheme, but here it's all pink everything.

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Do you love or loathe this kitchen idea? And could pink be coming back as we embrace fun and exciting tones over cool neutrals?

Billie Faiers' pink kitchen

kitchen room with pink walls and pink kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Kellogg’s Strawberry and White Choc Coco Pops)

Colour and paint expert Annie Sloan certainly thinks pink is set for a revival. She recently launched a brand new hot pink paint, Capri Pink. 'Capri Pink is on trend for the same reason Pantone chose a bright yellow as their colour of 2021,' Annie says.

'Its extroverted, passionate, joyful and fun - by bringing those elements into our homes we can compensate slightly for that which we are lacking in our lives due to the pandemic.' Similarly, Dulux's choice of earthy neutral Brave Ground for its colour of the year for 2021 reflects the notion that we're seeking out warmer tones.

billie faier in kitchen room with pink walls

(Image credit: Kellogg’s Strawberry and White Choc Coco Pops)

While we don't think we'll be embracing an entirely pink kitchen en masse, a touch of pink works brilliantly with a monochrome scheme. It can be useful for 'thawing cooler minimalist white and grey led schemes with its subtle rouge undertones,' says Georgia Metcalfe, co-founder of The French Bedroom Company. She adds that some pink breaks the 'brashness of black interiors.'

kitchen room with pink walls and pink shelves

(Image credit: Kellogg’s Strawberry and White Choc Coco Pops)

If you're thinking Billie's kitchen would just be too much for you when coming downstairs to make breakfast, you're not alone. Pink 'will always evoke a physical reaction and will always have an effect on us,' says Lick Home Interior Expert, Natasha Bradley.

kitchen room with pink kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Dulux)

She encourages opting for a soft pink over white paint in a kitchen, as 'white can often be seen as quite sterile and clinical.' She explains that a 'soft tone of pink helps the room feel warmer, meaning you’ll want to spend more time in there, entertaining and cooking.'

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Is a bold pink kitchen the kitchen of your dreams, or will you be steering clear?

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