16 things you’ll only know if you shop at B&M – if you don’t know, you need to know

B&M attracts over 4 million customers through the doors every week! Here's why...
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  • No shopping trip quite compares to a B&M shopping experience. There are those that are perturbed by the unpredictable nature of the stores and hunting out bargains. But trust us when we say this the VERY reason to love shopping at B&M.

    Offering trusted brands at startlingly less than RRP, you’re guaranteed to find hidden treasures with every shopping trip.

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    Here are the reasons why we’re obsessed with shopping at B&M…

    1. Fabulous furniture at fabulous prices

    B&M shopping

    B&M Home

    From the nest table sets and the basket storage tables to velvet-clad footstools, the furniture is simple, smart and affordable.

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    2. Mrs Hinch is a BIG fan

    It’s well documented that the cleaning supremo is an avid B&M shopper. She always shares her spoils with her Hinchers, from homeware to cleaning finds – as some of the products (such as Scrub Daddy) are often only available at B&M.

    3. Bargain branded items

    In addition to stocking own-brand buys, B&M are fiercely competitive on branded goods. Swing by your local store to find big-named brands at lower prices than other retailers.

    4. Always competing for the best-price

    Our contacts at B&M tell us how the family-run business loves nothing more than competing to give shoppers the best possible price. Take, for instance, the battle of the hot tub as a great example. We covered the story of the B&M Hot tub as it continually reduced its price to out do every other supermarket competitor.

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    5. Each month there are Manger’s Specials

    B&M shopping

    Each month there are hundreds of selected products marked at discount prices. From bedding to pet food there’s something on offer for everyone under the Manager’s watch.

    6. New stock every week

    The fast-paced store has such an impressive scale, due to the amount of stores they have, which gives them great buying power. This means they can offer a quick turnaround of stock.

    7. Tackle the weekly shop while in store

    In addition to the impressive home bargains, the store also sells food and household items, meaning you can do the weekly shop in store, too.

    8. Snap up highly affordable home accessories

    Sometimes, all your home needs for a completely new look is a change of cushions. Plumping for new cushions every season, at just £8, is more than within budget at B&M.

    9. The lighting department is lit

    B&M shopping

    B&M Home

    Yes, lighting. We were almost totally unaware of the extent of the lighting collection. From on-trend fringe lamps to glam crystal-like pendants, there’s a lighting solution for all tastes. With prices starting from just £6.

    10. There’s a craft corner

    If you’re a dab-hand with arts and crafts you’ll love the craft corner filled with everything from glue stick and feathers to card and glitter so you can have a go at ‘making it yourself’.

    11. You can get hands-on in extensive DIY department

    B&M shopping

    Get the best price on trusted DIY brands such as Harris paint brushes and Dulux paints. DIY products are quite often picked for Manager’s Specials and other deals.

    12. Opening more and more stores

    In a time when more shops on the high street are closing down, B&M is positively thriving. We’re told they’ve already opened more than 40 stores this year alone – with a further plan for more still. From its first store in Blackpool, Lancashire, B&M has grown to over 600 stores, throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Employing over 28,000 staff.

    13. It’s a heritage business with family values

    Aside from being all about bargains, we like the heritage behind the brand. Did you know it was founded 41 years ago, way back in 1978? It’s now a family-run business, owned by two brothers who bought out the business back in 2004, when it was a smaller chain of 21 stores.

    14. Those with a sweet-tooth love the Pick & Mix

    Ask anyone who has children just how much they love loading up on sweets courtesy of the Pick & Mix selection. Not since the days of Woolworths has a store been visited so much based purely on its confectionery offering.

    15. They cater for gardens – at amazing prices

    B&M shopping

    If you’re looking for gardening essentials at the best prices, might we suggest you get yourself down to store. Our Digital Editor Amy was chuffed with her quality compost with feed, for just £10 for three bags.

    16. The name is an acronym

    Do you know what the B&M stands for? Not Brilliant & Marvellous or Bargains Madness, the initials stand for Billington & Mayman, named after the original founders.

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    Excuse us while we pop to B&M to enjoy all of the above.

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