B&B owners have revealed the books most frequently left behind by guests this year

Alongside the most common there are also some kooky and surprising finds…

We’ve all taken books on holiday and then left them behind for others to read. Usually, this is because either they’re so good that we want others to share the enjoyment, or because they’re so dull that we’re certain we’ll never read them again.

A poll of 6,600 B&B owners by Eviivo, the online booking specialists, reveals the most common books to be left behind by guests over the last year. The list includes romance, horror, thriller, autobiographies and children’s books.

The list is predominantly made up of bestsellers, however B&B owners have also come across some rather unusual literature on their bookshelves.

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books with shelves and wallpaper on wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

The most prominent fiction books found by B&B owners were Paula Hawkins' bestseller ‘The Girl on the Train’, Dan Brown’s ever-popular ‘The Da Vinci Code’, Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ and EL James’ raunchy ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

Autobiographies left behind suggest that holidaymakers chose the company of Les Dennis, Wayne Rooney, Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Paul O’Grady and Michael McIntyre on their vacation. We could hazard a guess as to why some of these were left behind, that’s for sure…

books with white wall and glass wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

Feedback from B&B owners also gives a fascinating insight into the specialist subjects of some guests. Instruction manuals and guidebooks left behind included the ‘Kama Sutra’, ‘Saucy Places in Blackpool’ and a maintenance manual for a 1998 Skoda Octavia. A thrilling read, we're sure...

But the list goes on. Other obscure finds include a folder of back-issues of the TV Times and a copy of ‘Knitting with Dog Hair’. Ooh err.

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‘The more obscure and specialist books are a bit of a surprise,’ says Tom Messet from Eviivo. 'But I guess a stay in one of Britain’s great B&Bs is all about getting away from it all and letting your hair down. Even if that means wading through the maintenance regime for an old Skoda.'

As a wise man or woman once said: 'Whatever floats your boat'!