Cat owners rejoice! Behold the real Christmas trees tweaked to be cat-proof

Enjoy a real tree this year without any cat-astrophes
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  • Cat owners will know only too well the perils of having a cat and a Christmas tree. Especially a real one! However this year there’s a solution to suit all. The new cat-proof Christmas tree is a Nordmann Fir with a twist.

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    That twist is the fact all the lower branches have been carefully removed, to keep decorations high enough above the ground. Providing space away from your cat’s swinging paws.

    The 2020 cat-proof Christmas tree

    The description on the website reads, ‘Your feline friend can be a delight for most of the year, but at Christmas those claws can be a menace. A tree lovingly decorated with family baubles and swinging tinsel will prove an irresistible temptation.’ Too true (see the images below for proof).

    ‘ That’s why we’ve produced our cat-proof Christmas tree. So you can decorate your tree without stress, knowing your baubles are out of harm’s way.’

    cat proof Christmas tree

    There’s temptation…but this smart tree is made to keep temptations at bay

    The real trees are grown in the Scottish Borders. The firs offer soft rich-green needles, bushy branches so cat owners needn’t miss out on the feel of a real tree.

    Once you’ve ordered your quirky cat tree it’s hand-selected from the specialist farm where it’s grown. The online retailer aims to dispatch ordered trees the working day before your chosen delivery date – with an aim to reduce time in transit.Meaning your tree arrives in tip top condition.

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    For those that don’t know what all the fuss is about, see below.

    Reasons to keep cats away from Christmas trees…

    This little cutie looks like butter wouldn’t melt, but the comment suggests otherwise.


    No explanation needed.

    When the low level baubles prove too irresistible, hanging them higher is often the only option.

    As this snap of the cat caught in the act proves, if they can reach they will try! A suggestion is to move any furniture away from the tree, to avoid temptation. At least with a cat-proof Christmas tree the branches are too high for such curiosity.

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    Happy cat-friendly Christmas to one and all.

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