Homeowners could be given £7,000 to replace their gas boilers thanks to Clean Heat Grant

The Government is offering grants to encourage homeowners to choose eco alternatives

The Government plans to spend £400million on the removal of gas boilers, and homeowners could be offered up to £7,000 to replace them. The Clean Heat Grants were previously reported to be £4,000, but the Government plans to offer £7,000 as part of the new scheme.

These grants will launch in April next year, as part of the UK Government's ambitious plans to create a zero-carbon country by 2050.

What is the Clean Heat Grants scheme?

The Clean Heat Grant scheme is intended to encourage and help fund homeowners to switch from a fossil-fuel-guzzling gas boiler to more environmentally-friendly energy sources such as heat pumps.

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The majority of UK homes are connected to the national grid, with a central heating system providing hot water. If you have any concerns about the functioning of your own boiler, it's worth learning the signs of a broken boiler.

In millions of homes across the country, gas boilers are using up fossil fuels and releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. The Climate Change Committee says that energy use in homes accounts for 14% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions. So the International Energy Agency says that the sale of gas boilers should be banned by 2025 to protect the planet from climate change.

If gas boilers are banned, what might come in their place? Electric heat pumps, solar heating systems, and hydrogen-ready boilers could provide energy that's better for the environment.

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The installation of a heat pump in existing properties will, of course, cause disruption and expense. However, it would potentially make a significant impact on climate change long-term, if done on a large scale.

Who is eligible for the Clean Heat Grants scheme?

There will be eligibility criteria for the Clean Heat Grant scheme, for example, the Government plans to introduce 'minimum insulation requirements.' An Energy Performance Certificate, issued in the last ten years, will also be required.

Plus, as installation of a heat pump is much easier in a new-build property, only those in existing buildings or custom-built homes will be eligible for the grant.

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Image Credit: Lizzie OrmePrime Minister Boris Johnson hopes to run the scheme over three years, helping to install 60,000 heat pumps. These use the natural heat energy in water and the air and a refrigerant, which is a working fluid also used in air conditioning.

The Government also plans to launch an advertising campaign to encourage homeowners to replace their gas boilers with a greener alternative.

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