Lynsey Queen of Clean shares genius hack to remove furniture carpet dents using ice

We'd never heard of this before!

Spring is finally here, and many of us are feeling inspired to give our homes a refresh. Moving furniture around as part of a spring clean is a brilliant way to change up how a room feels. If you're wondering how to get rid of carpet marks left behind, cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie has a handy trick.

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Speaking about how to have a thorough spring clean, the Queen of Clean explained that you can use ice cubes to bring any flattened carpet back to life.


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Remove carpet dents with this ice cube hack

'Pull out furniture if you can, and you may have a bit of a move around with your spring clean,' she says. Spring is a great time to try a different layout and make the most of any spots that get lots of natural light. 'If you're moving a cabinet from one side of the room to the other and you get those carpet dents, here's a good tip for you,' Lynsey says.

'Get your ice cubes out of your ice cube tray in the freezer and drop them into the dent marks,' she explains. 'Then do absolutely nothing. Just leave the ice to melt into the dent marks. This will bring the carpet pile back up, and bring that bounce back. No scrubbing or anything.'

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So if you've rearranged your living room or bedroom, or rejigged your hallway storage solutions, this ice cube cleaning hack is worth trying. Use a cloth, such as the Marigold microfibre cloths to blot away any excess water once it's done the job.

We tried the hack for ourselves and can confirm that it works miracles. However, for stubborn dents, you might need to rub the carpet a little to encourage it to spring back.

If the patches of carpet that have been covered look like they need a freshen up, Lynsey recommends using white shaving foam. Just leave it for 30 minutes, and then blot it with a clean microfibre cloth and it'll look as good as new.

Carpet on flooring with ice cube and white wall

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Lynsey said you can also use your best steam cleaner for these areas, if you have one in your cleaning cupboard. The Queen of Clean also recommends starting at the top of your house and working down - so begin with cobwebs on the ceiling and hoover last.

Keeping the windows open will mean you'll work faster, and putting your phone on airplane mode will limit distractions. Once you've finished a playlist of ten songs, you'll see that you've actually got loads of cleaning done.

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Will you be trying this carpet hack?

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