Compostable Nespresso pods mean you can enjoy a quick coffee AND be green

Smart compostable design is set to be a game-changer for the world of coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee! Your morning coffee could be all the more enjoyable with the help of new compostable Nespresso pods.

Why is this such BIG news? Well here's a sobering thought to absorb, while you sip your morning coffee. It's predicted 52 billion non-recyclable plastic coffee pods will be produced globally, by the end of next year. That's a lot of plastic waste.

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Blue Goose are a small business tackling the problem head-on. Foregoing plastic and aluminium coffee capsules altogether with their innovative wood bark capsules.

These smart alternatives turn into compost within 12 weeks. A stark contrast to aluminium and plastic capsules which can take '200-500 years to degrade in landfill'.

Make a chanage with compostable Nespresso pods

kitchen room with wooden wall mounted shelves and coffee maker machine

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The plastic-free capsules are compatible with popular Nespresso original drop-through coffee pod machines. These smart capsules are available to buy through Amazon.

The coffee’s GM-free compostable pods are also produced using renewable energy. Further more each is packaged in sustainably sourced, recyclable cardboard printed using vegetable inks.

All round winning eco-credentials.

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kitchen worktop with blue goose compostable coffee capsules pods

(Image credit: Blue Goose)

Not content with just providing an eco alternative, co-founders Lex Thornely and Nick Ratsey set out to match the eco-credentials with the finest taste. 'We wanted to prove just how good capsule coffee could and should taste, without compromising on our ethical approach to business.'

'So we naturally selected speciality grade coffees for which we pay our growers a premium beyond the Fairtrade Minimum Price' explains Lex Thornely.

compostable coffee capsules and white cloth

(Image credit: Blue Goose)

'In a world where big businesses are only changing their environmental ways due to mounting consumer pressure, we wanted to prove that small businesses really are at the heart of creating positive change, ' says Lex. 'Putting people and the planet before profits'.

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The compostable coffee capsules mean we can enjoy morning brews, without being so impactful on the environment.

We'll drink to that!


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