Denby’s new collection is about to take your coffee morning to the next level

Let's talk coffee drippers...
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  • We’d be the first to admit we never thought we’d find the iconic British pottery brand Denby surfing the coffee revolution. But it has pleasantly surprised us with its pretty new hot drinks range.

    They’ve been filling our kitchens with mugs for a while – since 1809 to be exact. But the brand’s latest collection pays homage to the ritual of taking the time to make a truly good cup of coffee.

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    The slow coffee dripper is a far cry from its plastic rivals. Made out of the brands trademark durable and hardwearing Derbyshire clay, it is available in its best-selling glazes – Halo and Studio Blue.

    The dripper sits easily atop one of the collections matching medium jugs or large mugs. Just pop in a coffee filter, your favourite ground beans and pour over some boiling water from the kettle, and you’ll have a brew to make a barista swoon.

    Denby pottery 1

    Buy now: Studio Blue Slow Coffee Dripper, £30, Denby
    Buy now: Studio Blue Cafetiere, £80, Denby
    Buy now: Studio Blue Small Tea Pot, £45, Denby

    The collection also includes a cafetiere, allowing coffee fans to explore their favourite coffee beans in a classic ‘French press’ style.

    If you drink an espresso or latte, the new range of cups and mugs covers the whole coffee menu. They are also designed to fit comfortably underneath most modern coffee machines.

    But if your brew of choice is just a standard English Breakfast, don’t worry about feeling left out. There’s a gorgeous small two-person teapot to steep your leaves in.

    All the mugs and cups are made from Derbyshire stoneware, which boasts heat retention properties, making them perfect for a cuppa. Each piece is truly unique, crafted by artisans, and are all oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.

    Denby pottery 2

    Buy now: Halo Open Sugar Bowl, £12, Denby
    Buy now:
    Halo Coffee/Tea cup, £14, Denby
    Buy now: Halo Brew Small Jug, £25, Denby

    ‘We know the importance of a good hot drink,’ says Gary Hawley, Senior Designer at Denby. ‘The ritual of sitting down together and enjoying conversation over your tea or coffee first inspired the Denby Brew collection.’

    ‘ From the outset we wanted a collection that remained aesthetically beautiful but also delivered the best possible tea and coffee experience.’

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    Will the coffee dripper be in attendance at your next coffee catch up?

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