15 creative ways to fit a home office area into any room

No home office? No problem!

Spare space and extra rooms are always at a premium - particularly for first time buyers and growing families.

If you
don't have a spare room to use as a dedicated home office, it can be impossible to
keep life admin and even hobbies in check - let alone manage the odd 'working from home' day.

But with these chic desk designs you can fit a work space into any nook and cranny - you just need to be a little bit creative!

No office? No problem...

Why not transform your morning hair station into an evening desk space where you can enter that last diary entry whilst the house is silent in slumber? Simply add a night light let yourself escape.

The modern home is becoming a multifunction space in order to fit the family's growing needs. Flick through endless cookery books or finish off that project whilst the potatoes boil in this kitchen-cum-study.

Kids should equally have a space of their own to finish homework assignments and build their latest action figure, so whether it's the corner of their bedroom or a spot in their playroom, add a little desk for their busy heads.

Conservatories are the perfect peace zone with only views of the garden to distract. Keep your work station a homely environment by using a rustic desk smothered in green paint and several vases full of budding flowers.

If you don't have the privilege of owning a study or library then utilise the tiny spot of land at the top of the stairs. You only need a nook big enough for a table and a power supply for the computer.

The dining room is often the biggest room in the house and frequently covered in papers and laptops so make this room your official workspace by adding a little desk that can dual as a buffet counter when you've got guests over.

Don't neglect that nugget of gold under the staircase.
Whether you're building coat storage, making a den for the kids or placing a desk there, make sure you use it wisely!

Grand scale wall units are cool and practical at the same time. This one is an ideal storage solution, allowing for clutter free living - and it boasts a built-in study and desk area too.

Loft conversions and basement transformations are all the rage as we try to improve our homes rather than move. Take inspiration from this slice of heaven and transform your loft so you're working on cloud nine.

Fashionable ladders with deep shelves make splendid storage and desk spaces. Prop it up in a quiet hallway or next to an empty spot on the wall for an innovative way to incorporate a little work station into your home furnishings.

Escape the house entirely and transform a wooden shed into a luxury work cabin. This one is fitted with painted wooden panels, tailored curtains and sleek furnishings that make it a private exterior building.

Wall units like this will solve your storage problems and fold away in a neat little box on the wall. These are especially good for kids who don't require a massive workspace, just a little writing or reading area.

Utilise that antique writing desk that you inherited from your great grandparents! Sitting pretty in the corner of a shabby chic room like this one, the desk space is ideal for writing a few notes and updating the planner.

If you have an entire wall to spare then forget the space limitations of a desk and nail a shelf up the whole way along. It becomes a bookshelf, workspace and table all at once!

You may not believe it but dressing rooms are where it's at - the perfect little space for applying your make up in the morning and replying to an email in the evening whilst the kids bath.

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Holly Walsh
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