Do you hang crisps like Stacey Solomon? It's the kitchen storage hack dividing opinion

It's the Marmite of home hacks, you either love it or loathe it...

Last month, Stacey Solomon shared a picture of her snack cupboard, featuring her crisp packets neatly suspended from hanging clips – colour-coded nonetheless.

It's opened up a debate on social media of whether it's a genius kitchen storage hack or a grave waste of time. We're all for a cupboard organiser or two, but this might be more faff than it's worth.

Do you hang crisps in the cupboard?

Writing alongside the crisp cupboard image the Loose Women panellist wrote. ‘cracking up at myself for how happy the has made me 😂 Why do I love it so much 😂.'

The Range shared the snap on its own Instagram writing, 'TRENDING: Made popular by @staceysolomon these Tension Rods! Their main use is to install net curtains to your window but we're seeing these used in other areas of your homes... Prices start from £1.99. 💡

'A crisp wardrobe 😜' jests one social media user.

Those who say no...

'Oh to have the time to hang up crisps lucky enough to hang up the clothes 😂😂😂' jokes no follower.

'I’ve too many packs of crisps to hang up and make look fancy. Just chuck them in a box and let the kids choose lol.' says one time-strapped mum.

'Anyone doing this, has far too much time on their hands... 😂😂' says another.

'The one with the crisps won't work in my house...and who has time do do that anyway?!' asks another

'Stupid idea and looks so silly 😂.' Enough said.

Those who say yay...



While others possibly don't use the rods to suspend crisps they still appreciate the idea;

'I have them under my sink to hook my spray bottles on,' and 'Under the Kitchen sink for cleaning bottles to hang on 👍' say others.

'I use them in my en-suite shower in the winter to hang wet clothes on to dry' informs another.

hanging crisps baked wotsits

(Image credit: Matt Alexander/PA Archive/PA Images)

Traditionally, The Range's Tension Rods are a simple, DIY-free way to install net curtains or voiles to windows – but as the internet proves, they now have a multitude of uses!

The easy-to-use rods are installed by twisting to fit the exact size of your window safely and securely. They require no cutting – simply stick to a clean surface and adjust! They come in a range of sizes, too, making them the ideal accessory for all manner of cupboard hacks.

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To hang crisps or not to hand crisps, that is the question. Where do you stand?


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