Demi Moore’s bathroom has got everyone talking – and not necessarily for the right reasons!

It seems her bathroom decor is not to everyone's taste
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  • Demi Moore’s bathroom is the talk of the town! The actress has shared a candid behind the scenes shot of the decor with fans, but little did she know it would get quite the reaction.

    The Hollywood actress has divided the internet with her bathroom shot on social media. While Demi was using the posts to celebrate her new trailer, fans were more entertained by her bathroom decor.

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    First up were the camp of followers who were totally confused about where the photograph of Demi was even taken?! Sat at a laptop on a sizeable couch, the scene led fans to believe it was a living room initially.

    Until the eagle-eyed viewers spotted a toilet in the background… because why on earth would you have a toilet in the living room?

    One follower humorously writes, ‘I think I speak for most when I ask are you sitting in your bathroom?’.

    In a second snap, taken from a different angle, you can see a sunken bathtub – definitely not a living room feature.

    Upon seeing this another fan adds, ‘or, if she just has a toilet and bathtub and an armor (?) in her office?🤔 .’

    Some loved the element of having a sofa in the bathroom.

    ‘I need a couch in my bathroom!!!!!’ exclaims one fan in a comment. To which another responds ,’or maybe you need a toilet in your living room lol’.

    ‘LoL…I thought this was your sitting room then I saw the toilet, and in picture 2 the tub. You have a couch in your bathroom. Good one!! 👍’.

    Others were quick to point out less desirable featuresand carpet around the toilet 🚽 👀 points out this, presumably, less than agreeable fan.

    ‘Carpet in the bathroom?’ Asks one follower. Which welcomed a flood of responses about the hygiene factor, ‘🤢 the amount of germs and bacteria 🤢🤢🤢 wrote one. horrendous’ simple says another.

    All I can look at his carpet in the bathroom’ says another. How can that be when the actress also has a giant Joan of Arc statue and a toy monkey hiding in the stone wall? 

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    Like it or not, this bathroom decor has certainly got people talking!

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