Lily Allen's unusual bathroom flooring choice has the whole internet in shock

Are bathroom carpets due a comeback? Where do you stand on this decorating debate?

Lily Allen and David Harbour
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Architectural Digest took a look inside British singer-actor, Lily Allen, and Stranger Things actor, David Harbour's Brooklyn townhouse and we couldn't believe what controversial interior trend hiding in their bathroom – a carpet surrounding the bathtub and sink.

Out of the many bathroom ideas we have, there's one bathroom trend that will always spark debate: bathroom carpets, where do you stand? Are you here for the cosy underfoot or would you rather choose the conventional tile for hygiene's sake?

The subject of carpet in bathrooms has come up amongst the team here at Ideal Home, causing quite a hilarious and frank discussion. There are those of us who felt instantly repulsed by the idea, and there are those of us who totally related to carpeted bathrooms from childhood homes.

Bathroom carpet, yay or nay?

Lily Allen and David Harbour's Brooklyn townhouse featured in Architectural Digest truly encompassed 'weird and wonderful,' although something we just couldn't shake was their carpeted bathroom with which Lily champions the kitsch bloomcore trend as well.

The couple did explain that the shower and toilet were housed in another room, but the carpet surrounding the bathtub and sinks has shocked us and most of the internet, and experts were quick to show their concern too.

'Bathroom carpeting is a luxury trend that comes around every now and then but never sticks for long,' explains Issabel Williams, handyman coordinator at Fantastic Services. 'This is because bathrooms are spaces where a lot of moisture accumulates and once it gets under the carpeting, there’s a high risk of mould, mildew and harmful bacteria growth.'

bathroom with blue carpet white bathtub and blue tiled walls

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When the debate sparked amongst the Ideal Home team, some admitted that although they grew up in homes with carpeted bathrooms, they would never voluntarily opt for carpet again, while some even dubbed bathroom carpets as one of the worst interior trends of all time.

We then asked the question, 'Bathroom carpets, yay or nay?' over at the Ideal Home Room Clinic. The overwhelming response was nay, but is anyone really surprised? While bathroom carpets received no support, there were suggestions that rugs might be the happy compromise – ‘Think it's the era we have rugs’.

What do the experts say about carpets in bathroom?

'When it comes to bathroom flooring, choose a material that’s practical, comfortable to stand on and easy to clean. Although you may find carpet in older homes, they are seldom used these days as they don’t fare well in damp conditions,' explains Punam Chada, carpet buyer at Carpetright.

'However, if your heart is set on carpet, it may come as a surprise, that there are new bathroom carpets that are designed for wet environments. A waterproof backing means that you’ll be able to dry your feet and step out onto a comfortable, warm carpet after a nice long bath or shower.'

If you're keen to see the couple's bathroom for yourself, you can skip to 4:36 on Architectural Digest's YouTube video showcasing the townhouse.

There is no right or wrong answer as such, but we'd heavily sway towards never seeing bathroom carpets ever again.

Where do you stand on this debate?


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