The bathroom carpet debate – do you agree with the overwhelming majority?

Comforting underfoot or an unthinkable unhygienic option? The people have spoken...
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  • Bathroom carpets, where do you stand? Are you standing on a comfy pile or on a more hygienic tile in your own bathroom?

    The subject of carpet in bathrooms may have come up amongst the team here at Ideal Home HQ, causing quite a hilarious/frank discussion. There are those of us who felt instantly repulsed by the idea, and there are those of us who totally related to carpeted bathrooms from childhood homes.

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    The debate was sparked after seeing a post from one lady who was absolutely horrified that her partners’ Grandma had carpet in the bathroom.

    When we asked the question over on the Ideal Home Room Clinic you answered, and here’s what you said…

    Bathroom carpet, yay or nay?

    bathrooms carpets

    Image credit: David Giles

    Over on our Facebook group Ideal Home Room Clinic we asked the question, ‘Today’s debate is bathroom carpets, yay or nay?’

    The overwhelming response was nay. Some of our favourite responses ranged from,

    ‘No carpet in bathrooms, I think it is so gross. Sorry’.

    ‘No, no, no, NEVER !!!!’

    ‘So unhygienic. A definite no no’.

    One reader rather diplomatically remarks, ‘Sorry, the bathroom carpet is not to my taste but at least it kept your feet warm on a cold morning :)’.

    While bathroom carpets received no support, there were suggestions that rugs might be the happy compromise – ‘Think it’s the era we have rugs’.

    What do the experts say about carpets in bathroom?

    bathroom carpets

    Image credit: Rachael Smith

    ‘Ideally carpet and wood flooring should be avoided in bathrooms,’ advises David Snazel Buyer at Carpetright,

    ‘They are not likely to fare well with the damp conditions. If you have your heart set on carpet, waterproof backing is essential to protect the floorboards and underlay from damage. Choose carpet that is very stain-resistant, as it cannot be cleaned as easily as bathmats and towels.’

    There is no right or wrong answer as such, but we’d heavily sway towards never seeing bathroom carpets ever again.

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    If you ever have a similar interiors debate, we welcome you to share it with our team over on the Ideal Home Room Clinic.

    Where do you stand on this flooring debate?

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