Photos make a happy home – why we should be displaying more to boost our mood

Leading psychologist reveals how photos in our homes can positively boost our happiness
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  • Now is the perfect time to embrace the positivity of photos in the home.

    Recent research shows the positive benefits of looking through photos has on our mood and wellbeing.

    Supporting this a leading behavioural psychologist explains that we should pause to look back on our photos to boost happiness and lower stress levels. A task that could help every household right now.

    The research carried out by CEWE revealed looking through photos made 64 per cent feel nostalgic; 56 per cent happy and 30 per cent relaxed.

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    The same research however shows only 41 per cent of Brits look back on their photos only a few times a year or less – despite the positive effects.

    Could now be the time to change that?

    photos in the home to boost happiness in the hallway

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    ‘It’s never been easier to take a photo or post one on social media – they are the visual language of our lives’ explains Jo Hemmings, behavioural psychologist.

    ‘But, because of that ease, we often forget to look back at our carefully curated photos, and that means we are missing out on all the joy that they can bring.’

    ‘Research has shown that having ‘real’ photos in our home, provides regular psychological positive reinforcement by reminding us of ‘social bond enhancement’ – essentially what and who is important to us!’

    photo albums at home

    Image credit: CEWE

    ‘Photos remind us of people, pets, places and activities that we love as well as remembering the past. This has been shown to reduce our stress and enhance our mood and overall wellbeing.’

    All the more reason to fill our homes with photos. For a quick fix why not swap out some of your current frames to fill them with photos specifically of those you miss dearly right now.

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    CEWE leading specialists for photo books, canvas prints and general prints, are still delivery as normal.

    In a bid to spread happiness during this uncertain time, photo printing specialist CEWE has launched a new campaign to help the nation smile through the tough times.

    Asking people in the UK to share a photo that makes them smile on Instagram with the #MyHappyPhoto hashtag. People can also tag @cewephotoworld between the 6th and 30th April if they wish, with five entrants being chosen to win a photobook for the coffee table – allowing them to make a photo album of their favourite snaps.

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