Mum makes giant candy cane lollipop Christmas decorations using pool floats – genius!

What a sweet idea! She shares how she did it, to inspire others to copy

 This just might be the most ingenious festive creation we've ever seen. One savvy mum, Claire Lynch, from Great Yarmouth, has transformed foam pool floats into whimsical candy cane lollipop Christmas decorations. Costing less than £10 each!

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Brilliantly her festive oversized candy cane lollipop decorations are made from two pool noodles, white duct tape and a broom handle. Just 'floating' this budget craft idea out there to inspire...

Giant candy cane lollipop Christmas decorations

craft with candy cane and pool noodle with plants and pots

(Image credit: future PLC/Claire Lynch)

If you're looking for a fun Christmas craft project to make your own decorations  on a budget this year, this sweet idea is the one for you.

Claire has been busy crafting these giant candy cane lollipops to take pride of place outside her home. The creative mum of two set about making the joyful decorations after spotting a similar idea on social media.

Each one takes a couple of hours to make, and costs under £10 in total,' Claire reveals to Latest Deals.

Breaking down the costs, she explains 'That’s £2.49 per noodle (each lollipop requires two), £4 for the roll of white gaffer tape (although this will provide enough for more than one) and 99p for the broom handle. I had the extra materials already at home.'

Make your own giant lollipop Christmas decorations

  • What you will need (per lollipop):
  •  2 x pool noodles
  • White gaffer tape
  • 1 x broom handle (you can spray paint it white, it needed)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Sharp knife
  • Cellophane for covering the ‘lollipop’
  • Ribbon to decorate

Follow Claire’s step-by-step guide...

Step 1: Take your two pool noodles and glue the ends together to make one long noodle. Leave it to dry overnight.

Step 2: Once dry, apply the gaffer tape to the noodle in a spiral pattern to create the red and white candy cane effect. Wrap and twist the noodle as you go, until you reach the end.

pool noodle with glue and craft table

(Image credit: future PLC/Claire Lynch)

Step 3: Fold in one end of the noodle to make the centre point. This forms the inner curl of the lollipop to start the rolling process, to create the circular lollipop head.

Step 4: Stick the first layer of noodle together using the glue gun. Hold in place until the glue is completely dry. Continue rolling and gluing the noodle in sections, until you reach the end.

Step 5: Position the underside of the head of the lollipop against the broom handle. Trace around the circumference of the handle with a pen and then put the broom handle to one side.

Step 7: Carefully cut around the traced line on the lollipop head, removing the foam as you cut. Leaving a neat hole that’s the same size as the broom handle.

Step 8: Add glue to the top of the broom handle and insert into the opening.

Step 9: Once dry, wrap the lollipop with the cellophane. Secure it with clear tape, and then tie the ribbon at the base.

craft with lollipop and plants on pots with decoration

(Image credit: future PLC/Claire Lynch)

'I love the end result, and will use them every Christmas,' says Claire. 'I heard one of my neighbour’s children excitedly telling her grandparents: ‘Don’t forget to look at the giant lollipops when you go past!’ It was lovely. I’m so happy that they are bringing a bit of joy, not only to my family but also others.'

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Who knew pool floats could be so handy for Christmas?! Love this idea.


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