DIY painted leather chairs and sofa now match grey interiors – for under £20!

Homeowner's smart way to make the furniture match on a budget
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  • What a transformation. These once red PU leather tub chairs now match the rest of the grey decor perfectly, thanks to a tin of £17 paint. Just goes to prove that painting leather chairs is possible, and more than worth it when on a budget!

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    The savvy painted leather chair makeover is the work of Suzanne Green. She proudly shares her before and after chairs with the Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It Facebook group. saying,’ ‘2 seater and 2 chairs bought for £45. Chuffed with the outcome’.

    The savvy, budget-friendly transformation has been met with an abundance of adoring comments and reactions, and rightly so…

    Before and after: Painted leather chairs and sofa

    painted chairs

    Image credit: Suzanne Green

    What a before and after! The difference is undeniable. The tub chairs and two-seater sofa are totally transformed from the bold red colour with pine legs. The whole set, sourced for just £45 from Facebook Marketplace, is now a more sophisticated shade of grey, with black legs adding an stylish accent.

    Before painting Suzanne explains ‘I sugar-soaped, lightly sanded and wiped them down’. Suzanne used the much-loved Frenchic Alfresco range to paint the set. The grey shade used is ‘Swanky Pants’. Using 3/4 of a £17 tin, by our calculations Suzanne has spent just £62 to make this set look like new.

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    grey painted chairs

    Image credit: Suzanne Green

    When asked by fellow members of the group about the painted finished cracking Suzanne replies,’Go on the Frenchic Fan Forum. On here and people have done their full suites, and ask them if they have cracked etc. Mine was fine yesterday and didn’t look or feel like it would crack. It is for a garden pub that we are in the process of building so we are not too bothered.’

    The interiors the seating set has been painted to match is actually an outdoor project, still in progress.Brilliantly Suzanne is in the process of fashioning a pub in her garden, handy right now! No closing at 10p.m curfew for this household.

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    Ideal Home asked, intrigued by the painted finish, how do the chairs feel after painting? Suzanne tells us, ‘Smooth to touch and a smooth finish as you can see in the pictures. They don’t feel any different when sitting on them.’

    Feeling left inspired to paint your leather furniture?

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