See how to create a stylish kitchen wine rack for just £30 using a wooden pallet

Take you happy hour to the next level

A lovely wine rack can take your kitchen from drab to fab in a matter of seconds. If you are looking for an affordable update for your home why not try your hand at this DIY pallet wine rack?

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You would never believe that this elegant wine rack was made from an old wooden pallet. Costing just £30 to make, this rack is the perfect spot to house your favourite bottles of wine and glasses.

Wine rack with wine bottle and glass

(Image credit: ManoMano)

However, if you are new to DIY-ing, we recommend having someone will little more experience to demonstrate how to use all the tools.

How to make a DIY pallet wine rack

What you will need:

Mitre saw or mitre box and handsaw
Nail gun
Rotating multi-tool
Flat drill bit for wood
8cm diameter annular bit
Screw clamps
Wood filler
Varnish or stain

Step by step

1.Dismantle the pallet

Wooden board with hand and wine rack

(Image credit: ManoMano)

Before starting you will need to dismantle the pallet to use the planks. The best way to do this is to secure the pallet planks to a workbench using screw clamps.

A chisel and hammer will help you to lever out the support blocks. Then cut the screws with a rotating tool.

2.Cut and sand the planks

Wooden with machine and rack

(Image credit: ManoMano)

You will need 6 planks, measuring 65cm in length for the shelves. And 3 planks measuring 45cm in height for the sides. Once the pieces are cut to size, sand them down to a smooth surface.

3.Assemble the shelves of the rack

Wooden with racks and machine stitch

(Image credit: ManoMano)

The top and middle shelves are made from two planks attached at a right angle using nails.

For the bottom shelf, join the plank measuring 65 x 18 x 18cm to the back of the shelf. Using a mitre or hand saw, cut 7 pieces measuring 7cm wide. Nail each piece to the plank leaving a 2cm space between each one.

4. Put together the sides

Machine stitch with rack and wooden

(Image credit: ManoMano)

You will need a plank that is 10cm thick and 45 cm high so that it is large enough to hold a bottle of wine.

Start by screwing the right side to the rack. In the twos plank for the left side make two holes. In one plank use a 25mm flat drill bit for wood to make holes to hold the bottles. In the second blank use, an 8cm hole saw drill to make holes to hold the bodies of wine.

Screw on the left side plank with the small hole. Then with a mitre saw cut 2 pieces measuring 12cm long and 10 cm wide. Screw these pieces to the planks with the large holes in, and attach to the left side.


Rack with vanish and brush

(Image credit: ManoMano)

After assembling the rack, apply a wenge-coloured varnish. The dark shade will help disguise any flaws on the pallets.

6.Attach the copper pipe

Copper pipe with wooden and wine rack

(Image credit: ManoMano)

Screw on a plastic clip to each end of the top shelf and insert a pipe measuring 70cm long and 12 mm in diameter.

There you have it, you're very own wine wrack ready to hang on the wall.

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Be prepared to be inundated with compliments.

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