Mum wows with ingenious idea to reuse little one’s cot bed in the garden – and it cost just £6

As the babies grow up, encourage your plants to do the same
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  • Have you seen this growing new garden trend, championed by savvy mums everywhere. It seems mums are getting creative with outgrown nursery cot beds by turning them into vertical garden planters!

    Not just the kids are growing up eh! This idea is an amazing DIY project to inspire all parents, especially those who love gardening.

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    Kate O’Donoghue first shared her ingenious cot creation on the Extreme Budget DIY & Life Style Hacks Facebook group. Where it has amassed 2.1k reactions and a staggering 209 comments.

    Kate’s DIY cot base vertical garden planter

    Image credit: Kate O’Donoghue

    Kate told Ideal Home, ‘I had been looking for something to hang from our fence for some time that could hold some pots. Whilst changing my little ones cot bed to a single bed we decided to see if the base could be used in something in the garden.’

    ‘A few coats of wood paint, Ikea plastic hanging pots and and some donated plants later and we had this. Total cost of £6! Exactly what I had in mind.’

    Image credit: Kate O’Donoghue

    Kate shared her DIY vertical planter with the caption, ‘Cot bed base painted, Ikea 50p clip on tubs with holes made in the bottom and some plants given to me from a friend … tada’. 

    One inspired group member writes, ’Beautiful. I have 2 cot side and was thinking what to do with it now I have seen your display I will use it for my herb garden . Thank you Kate 🙏🏽🙏🏽👌’.

    Kate’s creation inspired fellow group member Claire Wright to do the same too…

    Claire’s DIY wall planter

    diy Wall planter made using an old cot bed

    Image credit: Claire Wright

    In the same group Claire posted, ‘Turned the side of my son’s old cot…into a wall planter…Lightly sanded the frame then spray painted the cot and plant baskets… 😍’.

    cot bed side spray painted to make a vertical garden planter

    Image credit: Claire Wright

    When asked about the pots Claire tells fellow members she bought them at Home Bargains – and they were originally terracotta! What a difference a coat of spray paint can make, the new black shade makes the pots look almost galvanised. It’s the perfect accent colour to make the greenery ‘pop’.

    DIY Vertical garden planter made using an old cot bed

    Image credit: Claire Wright

    ‘Woww good idea’ writes one fellow group member in amazement. ‘I love this idea it’s great’ shares another. And Ideal Home is in complete agreement.

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    Happy DIY-ing to all.

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