The Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool is designed to make our homes healthier by cooling and purifying the air

Introducing Dyson's latest fan, that’s also an air purifier and a handy humidifier, too!
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  • With summer fast approaching and everyone staying home for the foreseeable, Dyson has the answer to how you can keep cool indoors without having to open your windows to a high pollen count or your neighbour’s barbecue smoke…

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    Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool

    Buy now: Dyson PH01 Pure Humidify + Cool Humidifier, £599.99, John Lewis & Partners

    After Dyson launched its first fan back in 2009, they followed it ten years later with a fan that doubles as an air purifier. This year, Dyson has developed the design further to create an air purifier fan that’s also a humidifier, called the Pure Humidify+Cool.

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    While most people are aware that air pollution is an issue, they don’t realise that it can be as much of an issue indoors as out. Our homes are filled with invisible irritants – dust, pet dander, mould spores, gases and VOCs – all of which can irritate and exacerbate those with respiratory issues, like asthma.

    The lack on moisture in the air from excessive heat can irritate skin conditions as well as dry out your throat. While you could open a window to let some fresh air circulate, chances are you’d simply be replacing the internal irritants with external ones, like smoke, exhaust fumes and pollen.

    The Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool will monitor pollutant and humidity levels, pumping out humidified, purified air into a room, clearing the air while cooling down the room.

    What does the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool do?


    Image credit: Ryan Wicks

    Measuring 92.5cm in height, the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool features activated carbon and HEPA filters to clean the air, while Ultraviolet Cleanse technology removes 99.9% of bacteria on the water it uses to hydrate the room.

    It features three main daytime settings – Diffused, Breeze and Fan. The first purifies and humidifies a room without the fan, the second purifies and humidifies with a delicate breeze effect, while the third does it all with a powerful, cooling stream of air.

    There’s also a sleep timer setting so you can programme it to switch off automatically at anytime between 15 minutes to nine hours, while the Night Time mode will monitor and purify the air with a quietly with a dimmed display.

    Using the Dyson Link app, you can control the Pure Humidify+Cool from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. Order it to switch on or track indoor pollution, temperature and humidity levels so can keep track of your air quality at all times.

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    Simply pop it in the corner of a room to let it work its magic so you can breathe a sigh of (humidified and purified) relief.

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