It's back! Lakeland's unusual laundry detergent that costs just 5p a wash

Save money and the environment

If you are looking for gentle, cost-effective but eco-friendly laundry detergent, then you need to try Ecozone Soap Nuts.

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That isn't some kooky new cleaning product name – it's just what they are. Nuts (they're actually berries but dry to look like nuts) that when popped in the washing machine will bring clothes up like new. Lakeland has dug into its archives to bring back the unusual one-ingredient cleaning product. They originally stopped selling the all-natural cleaning product in 2010. However, after a resurgence in concern about the chemicals we're pouring into the environment, they've made a comeback.

Ecozone Soap Nuts

ecozone soap nuts with white packaging bag

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Buy now: Ecozone Clothes Soap Nuts, £5.99, Lakeland

The Soap Nut has been aiding laundry day for centuries. Grown in the Himalayas, the shells of the nuts contain a natural detergent. When added to water the detergent froths into a gentle foam that promises to remove dirt from clothes and keep colours bright.

The Ecozone Soap Nuts sold by Lakeland come with a small zipped wash bag. Simply pop four to five nuts in the bag and place them in with your laundry. When the load is done, place them somewhere safe to dry. You should be able to use them three to four times. The bonus is when they're finished simply pop the leftover shells in your compost heap. However, not only are these little nuts good for the environment, but your purse will thank you for them too. A bag of 300g costs just £5.99, that works out at around 5p a wash.

If you're sceptical about trusting a naturally grown berry to keep your bedding and t-shirts clean, don't be. The Ecozone soap nuts have scored an average review rating of 4-and-a-half stars on the website.

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Reviews are singing their praises, especially for those with sensitive skin:

'I have family members with super-sensitive skin, no problem with these. They soon noticed the difference when I ran out,' wrote one reviewer.

'These are brilliant and clean the clothes really well, even though I have very hard water. I get approximately three washes out of each set of nuts depending on the wash temperature,' commented another.

Since the nuts are actually a berry, they should be safe for anyone with nut allergies.

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Will you be giving this all-natural alternative a go?

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