You can now buy the iconic Escape to the Chateau tiles for your home

Along with a host of other personalised goodies

If you are as big a fan of Escape to the Chateau as we are, we have some very exciting news for you.

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Dick and Angel have expanded The Chateau range to include personalised gifts. Including the Escape to the Chateau tiles that Angel created on the show to adorn the kitchen and bathroom.

The Chateau tiles

Angel created the original versions of the tiles using her tile printing machine. If you were a fan of the Diver tiles that adorned the Art Deco-inspired bathroom or the Chateau tiles that made up the kitchen splashback you can pick one up for £15 from the Chateau website.

art decor on chateau tiles

(Image credit: TBC)

The tiles are available in a huge range of designs, many of them can also be personalised with your name. While you could invest in a couple to recreate your own statement splashback, the tiles can also be used as plant pot stands or coasters. Adding a little Chateau magic to your home.

chateau tiles with copper jar

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Buy now: Personalised tiles, £15, The Chateau

The Chateau range has also expanded to include a whole host of personalised goodies including candles, coasters and knives. 'Vintage to me means one of a kind and of a quality and we have wanted to have the same sense in The Chateau brand we are building,' says Angel Strawbridge. Let's take a closer look at the new range.

The Chateau Personalised Candles

chateau scented candle

(Image credit: Escape to the Chateau)

If you wanted to scent your home like the Chateau, you can do just that with one of five candles. The latest scents include White Forest and Boudoir, inspired by Angel and Dick's favourite scents.

Buy now: Personalised candle, £30, The Chateau

The Chateau Personalised Knives

pairing knife

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The knives are all approved by Dick Strawbridge. Designed in Britain, and manufactured in Japan, these little beauties mean business. They are also gorgeous to look at. Everything you never knew you needed in a knife.

Buy now: Personalised pairing knife, £76.95, The Chateau

The Chateau Personalised coasters

coaster with floral dishes and books

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If you don't have the budget for the candle or knives but would like to add a little of Angel Strawbridge's creativity to your home, you can pick up a set of four coasters for £5.

Buy now: 4 Personalised coasters, £5, The Chateau

The coasters are available in 13 iconic designs from the Escape to the Chateau series.

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Will you be treating yourself or another fan to any of these goodies?

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