Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Strawbridge shares top tips to make homes smell gorgeous

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  • If there is one person who knows how to make a house smell deliciously inviting it’s Angel Strawbridge. Despite having a 45-room chateau to fill, the Escape to the Chateau star makes sure each room always smells gorgeous.

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    We caught up with her to get her top tips on how to make our own homes smell just as good.

    How to make your house smell good

    1. Burn a candle in the hallway

    ‘We have young children so I don’t like to have many candles around the house,’ explains Angel. However, there is one place she can’t resist burning a scented candle.

    how to make your house smell good

    Image credit: Angel Strawbridge/ Sainsbury’s

    ‘I always have one candle in the entrance hall. It’s the first thing you see and the only place I actually burn a candle,’ explains Angel. ‘It’s first impressions, you walk into anyone’s house – be it small or big – you see something beautiful and smell something, exciting all the senses.’

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    2. Add herbs to fresh flower bouquets

    how to make your house smell good 1

    Image credit: Kindling Media Ltd

    ‘When people have left they always say I remember The Chateau from the smell of flowers,’ says Angel. ‘Around the house, we use a lot of different herbs in flower arrangements.’

    While Angel has the luxury of a Potagerie filled with cut flowers and herbs to use. You can achieve a similar effect with shop-bought flowers and herbs such as rosemary and thyme.

    Dotting a few pots of herbs around the house will also help keep your home smelling sweet, and come in handy in the Kitchen.

    3.Dot diffusers around the house

    As well as filling her home with flowers,  Angel gives each room in The Chateau an extra boost of scent with a diffuser.

    ‘If you’ve got young children you don’t want to burn candles, and sometimes people don’t want to use the plugin air freshener because they’re a bit ugly,’ she explains.

    how to make your house smell good

    Image credit: Angel Strawbridge/ Sainsbury’s

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    If you’re not a fan of the reed diffusers treat your home to a diffuser from The Chateau fragrance range, available exclusively at Sainsbury’s.

    Angel Strawbridge has sprinkled her creative magic over the entire collection. Instead of the typical reed diffuser sticks, The Chateau diffuser emits the fragrance through ceramic petals shaped like a rose.

    ‘It allows you to have nearly an ornament that is going to fill the room with delight,’ says Angel.

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    Will you be trying any of Angel Strawbridge’s top tips to make your house smell good?

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