How much would you pay for an extra hour in bed?

Are you one of the many Brits who would be willing to sacrifice six hours’ pay for an extra hour in bed?

Getting up in the morning is a struggle for many of us, but how much would we be willing to spend to get an extra hour between the sheets?

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Short term loan provider Wonga has revealed how much Brits would be willing to spend to enjoy a lie-in, a stress-free commute or to avoid tedious tasks like deep cleaning their entire home.

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The research of 2,000 UK adults found that Brits would spend on average of £49.53 - over six times the hourly minimum wage (£7.83) - for a morning that included an extra hour in bed.

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North East residents were most desperate for an extra hour before the alarm went off and would fork out a whopping £73.20 for the privilege. People in Scotland were willing to spend £72.92 for an extra hour in bed and Londoners would shell out £61.30. If it means avoiding the horrendous commute first thing in the morning, then we certainly don't blame you!

The average amount people in each region would pay for a morning that included an extra hour in bed were:

North East - £73.20
Scotland - £72.92
London - £61.30
South West - £58.30
Wales - £46.54
East Anglia - £45.89
West Midlands - £43.81
Yorkshire and the Humber - £43.48
Northern Ireland - £43.15
East Midlands - £41.35
South East - £36.58
North West - £34.49

The research revealed that, of those happy to spend any money, adding another week to their annual leave allowance was the treat they were willing to splash the most cash on - £107.12 on average. And with the unpredictable British weather, it is not surprising respondents would be willing to spend £103.93 on average in return for a whole month of glorious sunshine.

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The average amount of money Brits were willing to spend on each of the following was:

An extra week’s holiday allowance at work: £107.12
A whole month of nice weather: £103.93
Someone to deep clean their entire home: £82.25
A personal shopper to buy all their Christmas presents: £71.49
Someone to sort out and manage their bills (but not pay for them): £67.64
Someone to cook a Christmas dinner for them: £65.15
A stress-free commute for one day: £54.50
Someone to do the washing up every night for a week: £51.99
An extra hour in bed for one morning: £49.53
Someone to cook them a Sunday morning breakfast in bed: £41.27

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How much would you spend for that precious extra hour in the sack?

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