See what mischief the elves are up to behind these amazing fairy doors in the garden

Give your garden elf a beautiful home nestled between plants or hidden in a tree trunk

With a little help from these amazing fairy door designs (and a hearty dollop of your child’s active imagination!) you can have your very own fairy family at the bottom of the garden…

Image: Pinterest

A village of elves and fairies live in this network of entwined branches. House names, open shutters and balcony plant pots make this tree town feel real – so real that you’ll question whether it’s the leaves or the pixies whispering in the wind…

Image: Pinterest

Recycle old terracotta plant pots that hold dying weeds and re-home a pixie or two. Stack them up inside one another or lay tumbled on their side with a door and a few little windows.

Image: Etsy, £9.25

This fairy garden kit comes with a wooden door, windows, and a little path that puts our house to shame. Made with lots of fairy hugs and kisses this is the perfect gift for a mother or daughter alike.

Image: The Fairy Garden, £11.95

Little wooden panels coated in bright colours make this an adorable door to nestle between plants, stick on a tree trunk or hide around the side of the shed.

Image: Pinterest

This mossy door is ideal for your Irish leprechaun. Cover the door in leaves, acorns and grassy cuttings to create a rustic look and sit around it at night telling old folk tales (be sure to listen out for his chuckle!).

Image: Pinterest

This fairy garden is made using a simple arched door, pebble path, mini potted plants and a load of imagination.

Image: Pinterest

The stone figure fairy watches over her home by day but when no one is watching she swishes and swirls around the garden leaving her sparkly footprint across the lawn in the morning.

Image: Pinterest

We love the steps leading up to this door – a tree townhouse for tiny fairy feet! Very simple but very affective and utterly adorable.

Image: Fairy Door Store,

Little ones will love this home that can be hidden in a flowerbed or perched up high like a tree house. Their imagination will float away with the fairies dreaming of naughty elves living behind the crooked door.

Image: Pinterest

This magical stone hut would keep some mischievous woodland elves very happy indeed! Made from a simple wooden structure and covered in forest floor findings, children will love watching the elves work as the seasons change.

Image: Pinterest

Forget a family of fairies, an entire congregation live in this tree. Windows wind their way up the trunk and with the help of a little yellow paint children will think the tree is aglow with light and life.

Image: Pinterest

Calling all pixie princesses – this turret and subterranean home is the place to be. Children will think that worms and moles underground are actually fairies working away.

Image: Scots of Stow,

With a simple door and two arched windows this tree has come to life! Finish the look off with a trodden path and some toadstools for the ultimate Tinkerbell cave.

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