Well ain't that the cat's whiskers! Now you can get rid of the litter tray by potty training your moggie

Just when you think you've seen it all, up crops an intriguing new invention designed to train your cat to use the family bathroom (now if only they could turn on the tap to wash their ha... sorry, paws)

Fancy potty training your cats and doing away with the litter tray? Well now you can with a revolutionary new invention that allows your cat to share the toilet with all the family (just like a human)!

Ok, ok, so we know this product was clearly designed by an obsessive cat lover, but it does sound like a pretty nifty idea to us, plus it could help keep the house clean and tidy.

Called the LitterKwitter, the training device is the brainchild of Australian inventor and cat owner, Jo Lapidge. It features a set of different sized plastic 'seats' that are placed on the toilet and used to encourage your kitty to do its business in the bog.

bathroom with grey cat on white toilet

(Image credit: LitterKwitter)

The pussy potty system was inspired by the Hollywood film Meet the Fockers, which shows a cat sharing a
lavatory with one of the characters.

So how does it work? Well the different sizes seats are first placed on the floor near the toilet and used as a regular litter tray.

It is then placed on top of the toilet seat and eventually swapped for different size discs with holes in the middle that fit with the rim of the lid, before being removed altogether.

grey cat on white toilet in bathroom

(Image credit: LitterKwitter)

Jo says her LitterKwitter device can train your cat to use the toilet in just 8 weeks. How purrfect!

Here at Housetohome, we're a team of cat lovers so it's not suprising that we're more than just a little bit excited about the prospect of potty training our pussies.

Although unlike humans, kitty hasn't yet worked out how to turn the tap on to wash its paws afterwards. Ah well, maybe in its next life...

Love the idea of toilet training your moggie? Why not give it a go. The LitterKwitter will set you back just £40 and is available at most pet stores.

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