This unbelievably cute Mason Cash mixing bowl is a must-have for Homepride’s Fred collectors

We'll take one in each colour
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  • The Great British Bake Off 2019 is back in exactly a weeks time. So it’s spoons and ovens at the ready, because no one should watch Bake off without a Victoria sponge handy. And what better bowl to whip one up than in the new Homepride Mason Cash mixing bowl?

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    Any Fred fan ­– the little guy on the Homepride flour for those who don’t know – will be clamouring to get there hands on the limited edition Mixing bowl. Homepride has teamed up with iconic English brand Mason Cash to create the powder blue and baby pink bowls to match the brands packaging.

    Fred Mason Cash mixing bowl

    The ceramic Mason Cash mixing bowl is 29cm and features the iconic diamond design the mixing bowls are famous for. However, Homepride’s cheeky chappy has snuck onto the bowl design.

    mason cash mixing bowl

    Homepride’s well-loved Fred character is embossed around the bowl, making them highly collectable. But aside from being collectable, these bowls in sugary sweet shades are unbelievably cute!

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Fred after growing up with a Fred utensil holder and figurine smiling down on me in my Grandparents kitchen. This bowl is the perfect addition if you have a gorgeously kitsch kitchen or (like me) are looking to squeeze a little nostalgia into your baking.

    Mason cash mixing bowl 3

    Buy now: Mason Cash Fred Mixing Bowl, 4 tokens and £16, Homepride flour

    If you’re looking for a gift that is a little bit special for the star baker in the household then one of these sweet bowls won’t come to a miss. Anyone who has battled with a plastic mixing bowl will tell you that, they might be easy to wash, but when it comes to mixing, beating and combining you can’t beat a Mason Cash mixing bowl.

    Like with all Fred collectables, you will need to get collecting some tokens from the packets of flour before scoring one of these bowls. The bowl is available to purchase online for four tokens and £16.

    Mason Cash mixing bowl 2

    So you better get cooking up a storm in the kitchen over the next week in preparation for The Great British Bake Off season.

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    Who knows with enough practice in this bowl, you could be standing in the Bake Off tent late next summer!

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