Oust is giving away FREE limescale removal kits to prolong the life of appliances

Oust is giving away FREE limescale removal kits to prolong the life of appliances

Today Oust is launching its ‘Descale the Nation’ initiative, to offer free limescale busting kits to help tackle a hard water crisis this winter. This comes as a result of 1 in 3 Brits saying hard water is becoming a problem in their homes.

With winter being cited as the key season for limescale to occur – no doubt as we use more hot water, now is the prime time to descale.

Financially, hard water issues are costing the nation *£25.8 million – from damage and disrepair on appliances like irons, pipes, shower heads, boilers and kettles.

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New research, carried about by Oust, suggests Brits swallow 338,000 kilos* of flaky limescale in hot drinks every year. Fresh brew with a side of limescale, grim.

Unsurprisingly kettles are named the number one appliance affected by limescale.

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Top 5 appliances affected by limescale

1. Kettle
2. Taps
3. Shower head
4. Washing machines
5. Iron

Oust is encouraging us to apply for a free limescale busting kits to reduce the epidemic. Included is a free 'All Purpose Descaler' to rid appliances in the home of limescale. All of which could save Brits up to £500 per household – a saving from not having to replace or fix appliances.

47 per cent of Millennials [18 to 34 years old] are more likely to stop using an appliance, rather than undertake the task of descaling. In a time where less waste  is imperative, this is quite a surprising.

'It’s interesting to find that 30 per cent of Brits have never descaled an appliance, ' comments Rowland Furse, a limescale expert at Oust.

'The good news is, to save money on chucking away damaged goods, Brits just need to be descaling every three months, which takes just 10 minutes using a professional descaler. Also even if you’re not in a hard water area, appliances still need to be descaled.'

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How to apply for FREE Oust Limescale Removal Kit

To apply for a free limescale busting kit visit Oust. You will be sent a hard water testing kit to share your hard water readings – recorded to analyse hard water across the UK. You will also get a free sample of All Purpose Descaler so you can start descaling to save your appliances this winter!

Limescale is a hard chalky deposit, consisting mainly of calcium carbonate, that often builds up inside kettles, irons and pipework. This can damage appliances and pipes, if left untreated.

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Will you be Oust-ing your daily dose of limescale?

*£495.58 per person over five years spent on changing appliances. Multiplied by the population of over 18s equates to £25,809,075.


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