Give yourselves a pat on the back! Green-fingered Brits spent 154 hours gardening this summer

After all that gardening on those high days and holidays, the nation’s gardens should be looking their best ever this autumn…

This year’s lovely hot summer may seem like a lifetime away now, but those hours of sunshine were certainly put to use in the garden.

And the nation’s gardens should be in good shape for autumn – given that we spent on average 11 hours a week tending to our lawns and flowerbeds!

According to research commissioned by UK bi-fold sliding door manufacturer Origin, the typical Brit spent the equivalent of 19 working days gardening during the three months of this year’s scorching summer. Phew!

If that sounds like a lot of determined digging and weeding, you’ll be pleased to hear that we did get SOME time off to sip cloudy lemonade and fall asleep on the sun lounger – for around 32 days between May and August.

In fact, two in five Brits thought that the highlight of their summer was spending quality time in their garden.

If you’re remembering those halcyon days and wishing you could spend more time outside, you won’t be surprised to hear that over half of the 2,000 homeowners asked think the best room of the house is the one with loveliest views.

‘We’re a nation of garden lovers and clearly a lot of work goes into making the most of our outdoor space,’ says Neil Ginger, CEO of Origin.

‘But what’s clear is that taking time to enjoy the views – whatever the weather – is important to people, helping them feel positive and appreciative of what they have around them.’

Excuse us while we take our cup of tea to the window for a little gaze outside…

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