This Harry Potter candle burns down to reveal your Hogwarts house

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  • The Harry Potter Sorting Candle can tell you if you're a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw  or Slytherin

    If you’re still in a magical daze following the launch of Primark’s Harry Potter themed home and fashionware range, then the latest offering is bound to get your proverbial wand twitching.

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    Harry Potter Sorting Candle Etsy 2Etsy store CraftyWitchesDecor have created a gorgeous gift that has taken Pottermania to a whole new sensory level – and it’ll only set you back £12.11!

    The 8oz Harry Potter Sorting Candle – yes, you read that right – burns down to reveal your Hogwarts House colour. So you’ll know exactly which side to root for next time you play a virtual game of Quidditch.

    Buy Now: 8oz Harry Potter Sorting Candle, £12.11, Etsy

    Harry Potter Sorting Candle Etsy 1

    And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, you’ll also enjoy a heady scent which ‘smells like you’re heading to Hogwarts in the Fall’. That’s not something even a Diptyque masterpiece can deliver.

    With curious notes of apples, pears, mandarin, peaches, raspberries and tree bark, we’re guessing that one whiff is the equivalent of sticking your head out of the Hogwart’s express on a clear, crisp autumn day.

    It takes 44 to 50 hours for the candle to burn down to level that confirms whether you’re Gryffindor, HufflepuffRavenclaw  or Slytherin. Perhaps you could use that time to perfect some spells or practice making potions?

    Harry Potter Sorting Candle Etsy 3

    Housed in retro jars, the eco-friendly candles are made from Soy Wax. And as you’d expect come in blue, green, yellow and red.

    But this time the joy is in discovering what colour you have, rather than opting for a hue that perfectly complements your interiors.

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    We love this glorious reimagining of the classic Harry Potter Sorting Hat, and the only question that remains is, is it too early to put it on our Christmas wish list?

    Words by Miriam Habtesellasie

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