Are you brave enough to spend Halloween night in these most haunted hotels?

Trick or Treat? TREAT yourself to a stay in one of these hotels where a TRICK or two will definately fright...

Ever had a morbid thought about how many people have died in your hotel room? How many murders have taken place there? Or, how many souls still walk the corridors?
has revealed the most haunted hotels in Britain, just in time for

If you're after a memorable night filled with footsteps along barren corridors, passing figures with an uncanny ambience or gusts of children's chitter-chatter throughout silent nights, then these hotels are sure to raise your hairs and your heart-rates.

We dare you...

Lumley Castle, County of Durham

castle with white windows and exposed brick walls

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Passages lined with stone heads, a deep tone of ravenous red throughout the interior and secluded underground chambers mark this hotel with a haunting feel. Lumley Castle, once the residence of a 14th century family, is a spectacular building with hidden corridors, secret gardens and plenty of dark corners. History reads that Lily Lumley tragically fell to her death down the well and now wonders the grounds in a fogged aura - but don't let her see you peeking from your bedroom or she is said to sought revenge.

Redworth Hall Hotel, County of Durham

sloping roof house with exposed brick walls and chimney stack

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Redworth Hall has sustained much of its Jacobean architecture - from inglenooks to original arched doorways, its history is present at every turn. Secluded in 150 acres of woodland and gardens, this prodigy house is the perfect backdrop for weddings, however, rumour has it that once upon a time a jilted lover threw himself to his death in the hall and is now heard stalking particular corridors at night. Along with his footstep creaks are high-pitched shrills and reverberating giggles of children, but their deaths cannot be accounted for in records...

Coombe Abbey Hotel, Warwickshire

sloping roof house with grass lawn

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This 12th century abbey is complete with period features that date back to its construction: boasting over-sized princess turrets, a surrounding moat, original stonework and hand painted glass windows. However, the Coombe Abbey Hotel has a savage history of danger and debacle. The murder of a monk within the abbey in 1345 haunts the grounds as a cloaked figure now wonders the gardens and passes over the bridge. More recently, the abbey has been searched for hidden bodies amongst the resting places of significant clergymen.

The Holt Hotel, Oxford

sloping roof houses with white windows and garden

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Suffocated in creeping ivy, this Inn is shrouded in a dark past. At the height of the Highwaymen movement, The Holt Hotel was a favourite amongst a particularly aggressive thieving gang who operated centuries ago. Frequenting the pub after nights of contracted robbery, the gang became infuriated with the landlord one evening and slaughtered him on location. Never to be convicted, the highwaymen fled, but the landlord remains. Many guests have since recorded sightings of the gentleman and an eerie feeling of being watched where no one stands.

The Langham, London

white multistoried building with semiarched windows

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Celebrating its 150th birthday, The Langham has a long and significant history. Considered one of London's most significant hotels, it has seen a handful of coronations, multiple wars and a fair few deaths. Most infamous the tale of a Victorian doctor who killed his wife, promptly followed by himself.
Thereafter, a German prince jumped from a multi-storey window and another man with a harrowing wound wonders the corridor at night. If you dare stay here, request the most haunted hotel room in London, Room 333, for a momentous evening.


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