Dulux has announced Heart Wood as its 2018 Colour of the Year

The warm tones of Heart Wood reflect the warmth, comfort and security that we all want in our homes

Dulux has unveiled its Colour of the Year for 2018, and the winner of the prestigious title is the warm and earthy Heart Wood. The colour is a warm neutral 'with a hint of heather'. It sits between a smoky taupe and a dusky mauve.

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Their colour of the year is chosen by a panel of experts, who look at emerging global trends and insights, and discuss how these impact the way we live. Using these insights, Dulux has forecast the colour palettes that best reflect the world and cultural climate as we move into 2018.

The theme of 2018 is 'A Welcome Home'. Dulux says that for 2018, the mood is felt to be one of unpredictability and uncertainty. ‘As life gets faster, now is the time to choose to press pause. Our home needs to be a place where we can turn down the noise - shut the door on the outside world and step into a place that is uniquely ours. Our home needs to be our sanctuary, a space where we can all look forward to… A Welcome Home.’

Dulux's Colour of the Year encompasses the mood of the moment, and Heart Wood has been chosen as the colour that best reflects the nation’s yearning to transform their homes into true sanctuaries. The colour is inspired by the warmth of wooden tones.

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‘The colour of the year palette allows you to instantly feel at ease, centred around the comforting natural quality of Heart Wood. This trend reflects the importance of cosy wooden tones and since blue remains so fundamental, the colour collection flows beautifully from this year into next.’

The colour is comforting, inviting and playful - exactly what you'd hope to achieve when creating 'A Welcome Home'.

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‘Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2018, Heart Wood, is incredibly versatile, and connects beautifully with the accompanying trend palettes for the year ahead,' says Rebecca Williamson, Senior Colour and Design Expert.

‘Providing the comfort and reassurance we’re all seeking, it’s the perfect antidote to the mood of the moment – channelling a real sense of calm and warmth during such times of uncertainty. We can’t wait to see homes across the globe transformed into true sanctuaries.'