Hive has downsized its energy saving smart heating thermostat into a more affordable mini version

The downsized version of the Hive mini promises to save on bills with a host of packed features

Hive has launched a new mini version of its Hive heating thermostat. The new Hive thermostat mini includes all the key features of the original Hive Thermostat but at a lower price point.

The clever little smart heating gadget from British Gas allows customers to control the central heating and hot water remotely on a mobile phone app either home or away. It's designed to work with your existing energy supplier,  boiler and water tank if you have one.

The Hive Thermostat Mini is available to new Hive customers for just £119, instead of £179 for the large version, offering a saving of £60. However, existing customers already using a Hive Hub can pick one up for just £59.

hive thermostat mini on white wall

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The new Hive thermostat mini

The clever Hive smart heating product was first launched in 2013, but has been given a 'mini' upgrade. The smart device is now micro-sized with an elegant mirrored finish touch screen to blend seamlessly into any interior style. Its tiny box size is 84mm by 83mm and is slender too at 36.8mm.

If the last few months have left you wondering why are my energy bills so high? Then, Hive Mini can assist. It may be small but it helps reduce carbon emissions and save both energy and money.

It's crammed with nearly all the same features as the original. And, those that are not on the thermostat control have been transferred over onto the app.

With energy bills rising this month the Hive Thermostat Mini is a cheaper investment than its larger big brother. Plus, when subscribed to Hive Heating Plus, it will let you control exactly how much you spend on your heating.

hive thermostat mini

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Money-saving advantages

The key feature the Hive mini has retained is the built-in frost protection. Frozen pipes can be a problem in winter. If the temperature drops below 7 c, Hive will automatically turn on to warm the pipes and keep water flowing.

The Minis clever geolocation features mean it knows if you've left home and forgotten to turn the heating off. If that is the case, it will send instant alerts via the app.

Voice scheduling

The thermostat is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also set personalist set personalised schedules for the heating, including when you go on holiday via the app.  The Mini take care of the controls so you don't have to.

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(Image credit: Hive)

If you are already a Hive fan the Hub lets you easily connect all your Hive smart products in the Hive App, from heating and cameras to lights and alarms with Hive Home Shield. Plus it has an applet on IFTTT to help your home run smoother.

'With ambitious net-zero targets and the drive to reduce carbon emissions, we are passionate about helping our customers live more sustainably. This is why we are excited to launch the Hive Thermostat Mini; part of the next generation of smart heating,' says Andrew Middleton, Commercial Director at British Gas.

'Our sleek, more affordable thermostat lets customers manage their heating from their phone and is packed full of intuitive smart features, enabling them to keep a closer eye on their energy efficiency, with minimal effort.'


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