Kick-start an active New Year with help from Flying Tiger

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  • Whether squeezing in a quick workout at home or maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the go, bulk up without breaking the budget

    In this day and age, exercise and healthy living is a big part of many people’s lifestyles. But not all of use want to fork out on hefty gym bills or travel to a studio full of other perspiring bodies at the end of a hard day. If exercising in the comfort of your own home is an appealing prospect then read on.

    Flying Tiger have just launched a collection of stylish (yes, you read that right) gym equipment that will help get you in shape for the fraction of the price of a personal trainer.

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    flying tiger

    First things first, a healthy and happy body often starts from within, so we have to start this roundup with a handy salad container. And for just £3, there is no reason why you won’t make this item part of your lunchtime routine.

    Salad container with fork and dressing cup, £3, Flying Tiger

    Now, let’s get on to the exciting stuff. How stylish and sophisticated are these dumbbells? Ranging from 1-1.5 kg, you’ll want to keep these pastel weights on show.

    Dumbbells, 1-1.5 kg, from £4, Flying Tiger


    flying tiger

    Nothing beats a good massage! These massage balls are the perfect therapy for foot, back, trigger point pain. They can be used to release tight, uncomfortable muscles and can help to release toxins and improve circulation.
    Massage Step-on Ball, £5, Flying Tiger
    flying tiger

    Innovation at its finest? We think so! A water bottle and a weight in one. Yes, please!

    Drinking Bottle Hand Weight, £2, Flying Tiger

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    But, just in case exercise is not one of your New Year’s resolutions, here’s Flying Tiger’s three top tips for those that want to get in shape without breaking a sweat:

    1. Sleep!

    air your mattress how to clean a mattress

    A good sleeping routine is crucial for your body’s well-being. When you are tired, your body produces a hormone that causes you to consume more calories.

    2. Laugh

    Laughter affects the brain’s frontal lobe and gives you more energy and vitality.

    3. Eat a chilli

    Image credit: Chris Alack

    You burn the calories instead of storing them when you eat the chemical capsaicin, which is also what gives the chilli its strong flavour.

    What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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