The healing crystals to give your home good vibes – and which rooms to use them

Could these age-old healers help to rebalance our homes in these trying times?
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  • While there will be those that eye roll at the mere mention, semi-precious stones and crystals have been used in healing for thousands of years. And while there’s no scientific evidence, they can welcome a sense of ‘good energy’.

    Given how 2020 is panning out, good energy for our homes has never been more needed.

    Healing crystals around the home

    British marketplace OnBuy analysed 100 varieties of stones and crystals to put together a helpful guide to choosing the right crystals for our homes – to give each room the energy it deserves.

    In the last 30 days, 14,800 people in the UK have searched Google for ‘healing crystals’. Perhaps that’s not surprising as we look for any and every solution to help us through the next few months.

    Best healing crystal for a bedroom – Howlite

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Known for harbouring calming qualities, Howlite encourages us to ‘live and let live.’ At its core, this crystal promotes the want to let go, eases stress and encourages us to make peace with the day. Appealing qualities in this current climate.

    Howlite is said to promote true rest, making it the ideal gemstone for the bedroom.

    Best healing crystal for a bathroom – Aquamarine

    Feature wall ideas

    Image credit: Simon Bevan

    Associated with water, Aquamarine offers a cooling energy.They say the influence of being around water, such as the sea, is very soothing for the soul.

    Aquamarine properties are said to calm anger and soothe the soul to a relaxed, yet alert state.

    A soak in the bath supported by Aquamarine healing crystals could be just the tonic to wash away a level of worries.

    Best healing crystal for a living room – Amber


    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Amber is thought to carry the energy of the sun. Its warmth and wellbeing qualities make it favourable for any room in which you unwind, seek comfort and restoration – namely the living room. Best placed near the sofa for those taking time out to rest and reset.

    This powerful gemstone is said to hold power to comfort the sick. A invaluable source for those who believe in harbouring the vibes.

    Best healing crystal for a kitchen – Jade Green


    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    Jade Green is an abundance stone that carries the energy of the earth and nature. We all know the power of nature and how it can help improve our wellbeing at home.

    Wonderfully wholesome and nurturing, Jade is said to be best suited to the heart of the home – the kitchen. The room in which we nurture our mind, body and soul through cooking and entertaining.

    Best healing crystal for a home office – Fluorite

    Zany home office with bold wallpaper and pink chair

    Fluorite is a great support for the mind, whether it needs to work, study or memorise and understand.

    This healing crystal is known for absorbing and neutralising negative energy and stress, to ensure in a home office it welcomes focus and clarity, enabling us to focus on the task in hand.

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    In times of need, surely anything is worth a try?

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