The home fragrances Mrs Hinch can’t get enough of – inspired by cleaning products

Lenor and more! Best-selling fragrances of the year are scents inspired by cleaning products
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  • You can’t beat the smell of freshly washed laundry. One of Britain’s leading scented candle and room fragrance maker knows this only too well. Ava May Aromas, loved by the queen of clean Mrs Hinch, reveals how scents inspired by cleaning products have sold at record-breaking levels this year.

    Founder Hannah Chapman explains how demand for her candles and diffusers inspired by fabric softeners and cleaning products have soared.

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    ‘This year we’ve had record sales of our scents inspired by cleaning products. Our Spring Awakening scent which is inspired by Lenor’s Spring Awakening range’ Hannah explains. ‘And ZoFlo Linen Fresh inspired by Zoflora’s Linen Fresh range continue to be our top two scents.’

    Best-selling scents inspired by cleaning products

    Lenor scented candle and room fragrance

    Other top 10 scents include Fairy Soft, inspired by Fairy fabric softener; Baby Powder, inspired by Johnson’s Baby Powder, and Flash.

    ‘Usually our bestsellers are our designer dupes such as Alien Invasion, which is inspired by Thierry Mugler’s Alien’ Hannah explains. ‘But our top 10 completely changed throughout the lockdown period.’

    ‘During lockdown, we were amazed to see just how much the nation was craving a sense of normality and cleanliness,’ Hannah says. ‘Of course we were all frantically cleaning everything that came through the door. And it seemed that the panic outside made Brits want to ensure their homes were as clean, happy and tranquil as possible.

    ‘I had an Instagram message once asking for a candle inspired by the smell of bleach,’ Hannah tells us.’ But we didn’t put that one into production!’.

    She says the cleaning scents are all thanks to her good friend Mrs Hinch. ‘When Ava May Aromas first launched two years ago, I sent Sophie (Mrs Hinch) a few samples when she had just a few thousand followers. She loved them and went on to recommend them on her page.’

    Explaining, ‘Since then, her Instagram account has grown to almost four million followers. And Ava May Aromas has grown with her.’

    Adding, ‘The Hinch-effect is certainly having an impact on our business. Whatever Sophie recommends to her followers cleaning-wise, we get requests for scents.’

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