Savvy shopper makes feather floor lamp – for a fraction of the cost of designer version!

This DIY craft project shows you can get the designer look, no matter your budget

After falling in love with a designer lamp, Katy Roast was left heartbroken by the hefty price tag! So what did she do? She made her own feather floor lamp for less, and it is spectacular!

Katy spent just £136 to make her own version, sourcing feathers from Amazon and a lamp base from B&Q.

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Homemade feather floor lamp

living room with white feather lamp and candle

(Image credit: Katy Roast)

Katy's feather floor lamp is a vision of white plumage, very similar to the designer look-a-like version (see below). She tells Ideal Home readers how to make their own, too.

Katy's shopping list

Lamp base, £15, B&Q
Putty/clay, £5, The Range
Silver leaf, Clear sealant, £15, Amazon
3 in 1 bulb holder, £10, Amazon
Small plate, £1, Wilko
Polystyrene Cake Rounds, £10, Amazon
Feathers, £80 Amazon and Feathers UK
Some hose pipe and tape. 

How to make the DIY lamp base

lamp base with brown sofa

(Image credit: Katy Roast)

'Half way up the lamp base attach a piece of pipe, with tape to make the stem thicker. Then take the putty and cover the whole length of the stem/base so you can no longer see it. Leave to dry overnight.' This is to create the texture on the stem.

'When dry attach some small twigs with tape to make it look like a tree. Then start your silver leafing. Paint on PVA glue then just keep adding the leaf until the whole tree is covered.' Katy has used silver to match her decor, but you can use gold instead if you wanted.  

tree lamp base with foil covering and bulbs

(Image credit: Katy Roast)

'Find a piece of wood, roughly 2 inches thick and glue it to the underside of the plate in the middle. Let it completely dry.'

'Next screw in your 3 in 1 bulb holder. Put some small drops of glue into the middle of the holder, then put some clay onto the glue to stick. When dry get the plate and push the wood piece into the clay on the holder so it's fixed in place'.  Katy suggests going all around the clay and wood with extra glue, to ensure it's secure. 

'Next take one of your cake rounds and cut one into a dome shape and cut it a little smaller than the other one. Then stick the dome onto the other round'.

How to make the feather lamp shade

white feather lamp

(Image credit: Katy Roast)

Once dry you can start adding the feathers. Katy advises, 'I found if easier to get a cocktail stick and make a hole first to put the feather into.' Katy used an assortment of sizes; 10/12 inches 16/18 and 20/22. Using the biggest around the bottom, working up in size order. 

She adds, 'When all done and if you are totally satisfied you can then start to glue in every feather – so they don't move. I personally haven't done this, as I'm picky and know I will be rearranging them.'

Place the feather-filled top very carefully onto the plate, using glue to secure.

 Katy adds, very sensibly, 'Lastly just look to make sure that no feathers are laying on the bulbs. And use Led bulbs as they don't get hot. And don't leave unattended for a long time. '

 The inspiration: Designer feather lamp

pink living room with green floral sofa and white feather lamp

(Image credit: James Merrell)

The desirable ostrich feather lamp by A Modern Grand Tour will set you back an eye-watering £4,200.

We've loved the flamboyant feather lamp ever since we spotted a coral pink version in the stylish home of Matthew Williamson. We'll now be making our own instead – thanks for sharing Katy.

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It's amazing to see what you can make if you have the vision. Are you making a savvy DIY solution for your home? Share it with us here at Ideal Home.


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