Home insurance horoscopes! Does your star sign affect your claim? All is revealed...

You can tell a lot about someone by their zodiac sign and occupation - even their home insurance claims!

We wouldn't base our premiums around this but it appears our horoscope has a lot to do with how accident prone we are - and can even affect our home insurance claims!

Yes, really.

A study conducted by Policy Expert suggests our accidental damage claims are written in the stars after finding which zodiac signs make the most claims on their home insurance.

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The star sign most likely to make an accidental damage claim is Taurus - living up to their bull in a china shop image - but Scorpions are the least likely.

However, these are only petty accidents and it is in fact Leos who make the most expensive claims.

Victims of flood, fire and accidents, these lions claim on average £1,905 each time where as those born under Aquarius claim £800 less!

It also appears our occupation can have an impact on our claims' history. Policy Expert noted retired people are most likely to make a claim accompanied by slippery-fingered teachers, nurses and accountants.

Those least likely to break the TV or set fire to the hob are electricians, opticians and househusband.

How far do you agree with these astrological accidents? And is your fate written in your stars or your career path?

Here are the full findings...

Star signs most likely to make a claim:

1. Taurus

2. Pisces

3. Cancer

4. Aries

5. Aquarius

6. Leo

7. Gemini

8. Virgo

9. Sagittarius

10. Libra

11. Capricorn

12. Scorpio

Average claim per star sign:

£1,905, Leo

£1,586, Libra

£1,352, Virgo

£1,311, Cancer

£1,283, Aries

£1,269, Capricorn

£1,254, Gemini

£1,217, Scorpio

£1,139, Sagittarius

£1,135, Pisces

£1,123, Taurus

£1,121, Aquarius

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